This blog has come down hard on the Republicans these many months.  Democrats, it’s time for our leadership to step up to the plate…AND LEAD!  The media reports daily on the Republican Plan (Ryan Plan) for the budget and the debt ceiling. Speaker Boehner, Eric Cantor, Mitch McConnell, Eric Cantor and Paul Ryan are all over the news saying, ‘Democrats, you don’t like our plan(s)?  Where are yours?’  Where are Majority Leader Reid and Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi? Why are we not hearing from the Senate Budget Committee Chairman, Kent Conrad?  Where is the DEMOCRATIC PLAN? Are we depending on the strategy of letting REPUBLICANS wither on the vine with their “right-wing social engineering?”  Why aren’t we hearing about bold ideas from the Progressive Caucus?  We need answers way before August 2, 2011.


This just in:   Jenk Uygur (MSNBC) just advised that the Progressive Caucus HAS a plan that will balance the budget by 2021 and will protect Medicare. President Obama, tell us about this plan.


It is time for our leaders on both sides of the aisle to define the SHARED SACRIFICE it will take to make Social Security secure for decades, to reform and cut Medicare while retaining reasonable quality of living for the middle class and  to make Medicaid compassionate for the future of the poor.  We need details and more details that are clear and true to real life experiences. We are tired of talk and more talk.  The words we have been hearing have not worked.  Mr. President, the people will and can deal with hard times. It’s the American way.  Talk to us!  Assure the people that with honest compromise from Republicans we can endure the realities of SHARED SACRIFICE and go on with our lives. [Shared Sacrifice includes raising taxes on the rich. Republicans have to give up that sacred cow. We need to raise revenue along with spending cuts.]

Mr. President, I have suggested before little fireside chats on TV where you are simple and convincing. That will inure the people to you and make them want to turn out for you in November 2012.

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