“Democrats May Take Back the US House”…Pelosi

News from The Hill:

Pelosi: House is ‘in play’ in 2012
By Mike Lillis

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said Thursday that Democrats have a shot at taking back the House in 2012.

The former Speaker touted the diversity of the candidates the Democrats have recruited – “two generals, a colonel… legislators, small business people, mayors, many women and minorities” – and noted that the party, despite being the minority, has outraised the Republicans on the campaign trail this year.

“We have definitely put the House in play,” she said during her weekly press briefing in the Capitol.

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Herman Cain’s Memory Continues to Improve…

Herman Cain, Republican Candidate for the Presidency

“It was only one woman!” Herman, one woman counts!


Cain camp calls report of third harassment claim ‘baseless’

By the CNN Wire Staff
updated 11:25 PM EST, Wed November 2, 2011
Cain lashes out at reporters

  • Cain campaign demands apology from Gov. Rick Perry
  • Campaign says report of third woman example of “baseless allegations”
  • GOP consultant says he personally saw inappropriate behavior by Cain
  • Cain is facing the revelation of sexual harassment charges from the 1990s

Washington (CNN) — Herman Cain’s campaign Wednesday called a report of a third former employee claiming he engaged in inappropriate behavior an example of “baseless allegations.”

The former National Restaurant Association employee said she considered filing a workplace complaint against Cain, the Associated Press reported. She said that Cain made sexually suggestive remarks or gestures and that the behavior included a private invitation to Cain’s corporate apartment, according to the AP. The two worked together in the late 1990s, the report said.

Cain campaign spokesman J.D. Gordon told CNN that Cain “has said over the past two days at public events that we could see other baseless allegations made against him as this appalling smear campaign continues. MORE

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In a rare show of goodwill, Pakistan’s cabinet has voted to normalize trade relations with India, a key step in patching up the neighboring nations’ fraught relationship. Pakistan will grant “Most Favored Nation” status to India, meaning that the countries can trade on equal terms and eschew high tariffs. India accorded the same status to Pakistan almost 20 years ago, but Pakistan didn’t return the favor until now. The dueling neighbors have engaged in three wars since 1947, and their relationship was made even frostier when Pakistani militants pulled off a terror attack in Mumbai in 2008.
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November 2, 2011 9:55 AM