Go vote–‘this one counts for history’ Chris Matthews, @hardball_chris

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Go vote–‘this one counts for history’


8:00 pm on 10/31/2012

Let me finish tonight with this.

I’m hoping that this focus on the weather and what we face together will remove some of the man-made poison out of this election. You know—the Donald Trump stuff, the Sununu nastiness, the ethnic card that keeps getting played under the table.

I think it’s vital that none of that gets in the way next week for the same reason that none of that old bad stuff is having anything to do with the way we’re doing things this week—together, all in this together, all working together, worrying together, facing it together, especially in New Jersey where our family spent so many summers growing up.

As people go to vote, know of one great antidote to the bad words spoken this election season, the efforts to suppress voting in states like Pennsylvania. That antidote is to get out there and vote. Vote like your life depends on it, get your kids and relatives and good friends to vote like their lives depend on it—no excuses, no reasons, no screw-ups, no distractions, nothing can get in your way.

There are two choices in this election: Vote for Obama, you don’t get Romney. Vote for Romney, you don’t get Obama.

All the rest, all the distractions, and “Mickey Mouse,” and it comes down to this. Will you, the person you are in your soul, be counted? If not, I just don’t know a good thing to say to you. This one counts for history.