“They won. Get over it!”

 —Barbara Bush


Senator-Elect Warren to Lead the Fight to “Fix the Filibuster Rule in the Senate” 1

Why has there been  so much gridlock in the Senate during this Congress?  Why couldn’t we get good legislature passed?  The answer is Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell‘s use of the filibuster which can only be “fixed” on the first day of the Congress.  Senator Harry Reid was afraid to “fix” this for the current Congress, if I remember correctly.  I recall being broken-hearted about it.  Now, along comes Senator-Elect Elizabeth Warren vowing to “fix” the filibuster which only requires a majority vote. She chose this to be her first mission in the Senate. [We are counting on her!]  The US Senate used to be “The World’s Greatest Deliberative Body.”  Last time I checked their approval rating was  “11.”

The filibuster has been used 384 times since Democrats won control of the Senate.  This is obscene!  According to pundits who comment on Kentucky, Sen.  McConnell is not well-liked back home.  It seems that he doesn’t do much as an US Senator…except for invoking the filibuster.  He is ripe for losing re-election in 2014 and I hope Kentucky has had enough!  This time Democratic Senators, fire Mitch McConnell from his campaign of gridlock.  Cut him off at the knees and get 51+ votes to “fix” the filibuster.  We want our Senators to be just like Senator Smith in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”  If a senator wants to filibuster, read that debate a bill, that senator should have the balls and, also, be required to stand on the Senate floor and defend his position on the filibuster.  Senators should actually debate and not act cowardly and just file a filibuster and retire to a back room and smoke a cigar! [Brandy?] This is what the American people require of you.  Abandon your personal agenda and do what the people want you to do as their advocates!  Don’t you swear to do that? Honor your oath of office!

By GoodOleWoody