“Illegal Immigrants Could Elect Hillary” Reply



“Senate Dems meet to plot 2016 attacks on wealthy Koch brothers” Reply



“Elizabeth Warren just delivered the realest talk on race by any American politician” Reply



“Republicans Reeling After ObamaCare Enrollment Surges To 17.6 Million” 1



“5 Reasons To Be Glad That You Didn’t Watch The CNN Republican Presidential Debate”


The Republican Party continued its march towards 2016 failure tonight. Here are the winners and losers, and the five reasons to be glad that you didn’t watch the CNN Republican debate.

1). Donald Trump Eats Scott Walker Alive

Scott Walker tried to attack Donald Trump by claiming that Trump is a bad business person. Drop dropped some facts about what Walker has done to Wisconsin’s economy. Walker accused Trump of using Democratic talking points, and Trump said that facts aren’t talking points. Trump said that once voters in Iowa found out about Walker’s economic record, he fell in the polls. Kasich tried to play the moderate and said that voters don’t want this fighting. Chris Christie tried to say that he is the REAL outsider. The whole debate has descended into a cluster fudge in the first segment. MORE

“The Key to Winning Down-Ballot Races”


Down-ballot races are increasingly decided by who wins the White House. To grasp this fact, it’s best to focus on two numbers: 6 percent and .781.

The first number is the total percentage of House districts that voted for different parties for president and for U.S. House in 2012. It was the lowest percentage in nearly a century. The second number is the correlation between the presidential results and the Senate race results in 2012. (Zero indicates no relationship, while one would indicate a perfect, exact relationship between two variables.) The correlation between presidential and Senate voting in 2012 was higher than it had been in more than half a century. MORE

“Biden to Colbert: Not yet ready to commit to 2016”




In a significant win for the White House, Senate Democrats have blocked a Republican resolution of disapproval of the Iran nuclear deal from going to a final vote. The vote on the procedural motion was 58-42; it needed 60 votes to pass.

This means President Barack Obama won’t be forced to veto the legislation and drag out for several more weeks an ugly battle with the GOP-controlled Congress over the accord he has fought hard to secure.

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