Convention coverage: A network guide on how to follow political developments

Major networks are limiting their live reporting, but online streaming and news channel attention will be heavy



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PBS is the only broadcast network that will turn over all of prime time to the Republican convention this week and the Democratic convention next week.

ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox will condense matters into a one-hour mix of highlights and live coverage, on the premise that conventions now are so scripted and choreographed that no day produces more than an hour’s worth of actual news.

Political junkies who want more, however, can find plenty on the cable networks, satellite radio and Internet streams.

All the major networks will live-stream most of the action and almost all will have social-media links. Current is heavily linked into Twitter, NBC is tied in with Google Plus, Univision to YouTube and so on.



  • The President is taking aggressive steps to put Americans back to work and create an economy where hard work pays and responsibility is rewarded.
  • For years before the economic crisis, middle-class security had been slipping away. Wages stagnated while health care costs soared.
  • We’ve added back more than 4.5 million private sector jobsand seen 29 straight months of job growth—but there’s more work to do.
  • When President Obama took office, he both addressed the immediate economic crisis and laid the foundation for a U.S. economy that’s built to last.

Sunday, 11:00PM HBO – I just watched “The Newsroom”. Did you see it? If not, search for it!

11:00pm  I just watched HBO artfully condense the some of the themes I have tried to present in my 3000+ posts.  I hope all America was watching the Tea Party, The Republican Party and Senator Mitch McConnell revealed for the anti-Americans they are.  Somewhere along the way they got lost or were subverted to an evil agenda of transforming America into a nation of uncaring, lying, insensitive anti-heroes who serve that god mentioned in the Old Testament: Money, self-indulgence,power-for-power’s-sake.  Bal!  After enslaving a people for 300 years, they worshiped money! Slaveowners eked out wealth by the sweat of forced, black immigrants, the lovers of success, excessive profits,etc. have led us to the Republican Party [and the Tea Party that has a yoke around their necks] and Willard Mitt Romney and his lust for the Presidency..,.greatest power…for a human. [Scorn!] We blacks have earned our place in the fabric of America.  No laws should be made which take away our right to vote! That is what Mitch McConnell’s WAR ON OBAMA is trying to do. The triumph of the Civil Rights Movement for all minorities cannot be undone! No, Tea Party, it cannot! Segregation masked as “States Rights” is dead!

This HBO program, “Newsweek, presented the truth of our reality. Hoards of money have been amassed by forces that hide in the dark.  On November 6, 2012 will evil triumph over good?  Will millions of Americans do the right thing and vote to re-elect Barack Obama?  Will we see the largest turnout of Democrat voting power ever seen?  Will America be America again and reclaim our reputation in the world of being the epitome of goodness, empathy, true religious values?  The Constitution may not have made us a Christian nation when it  established religious tolerance. But, we, the people have always been led by the Hand of God to be one people united with a fervor to make this world that He gave us worthy of  His children!

by GoodOleWoody

Dedicated to Dorothy Cooper of Tennessee


Don’t you see?

All truly good Americans must vote to re-elect Barack Obama

on November 6, 2012!