Roma Family Runs Into More Trouble After Deportation From France

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A Roma family that was deported from France earlier this month, amid loud public protests, has run into further misfortunes in Kosovo, with the mother beaten and briefly hospitalized on Sunday.

A Roma man allegedly injured the mother, Dzemila Dibrani, in the city of Mitrovica, while questioning her about what happened to a child from a past romance of theirs, AP reports.

The assault is the latest development in a case that became a cause célèbre in France after it was revealed that police detained Dibrani’s 15-year old daughter in front of her classmates and teachers, ahead of the family’s expulsion.

On Friday, the father Reshat Dibrani told AP that he had lied about the extent of the family’s Kosovo connections in order to bolster their asylum chances. Though he was born in Kosovo, his children were born in Italy and the family had lived there for many years, he said.

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Blond Girl Found in Greece Prompts Thousands of Calls

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More than 8,000 people have responded to a charity’s appeal for information about a blue-eyed, blond-haired girl who was taken from a Roma couple by Greek authorities last week.

The Smile of the Child has been caring for the 4-year-old since police found her “in a state of neglect” with a man and a woman in a Roma settlement near the town of Larissa on Wednesday, a spokesperson for the group told CNN.

DNA tests showed the child was not related to the pair, who will appear in court on Monday on charges of abducting a minor.

Greek police are working with international authorities to try to find the girl’s biological parents. At least eight calls, including four from the United States, have helped to further the investigation so far, the Greek charity’s spokesperson said.

Members of the Roma community where the girl was found have denied claims that she…

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