Getting out of jail the forged documents way

Originally posted on CNN Newsroom:

In the wake of the Florida case where two convicted murderers walked out of prison courtesy of forged release documents, prison consultant Larry Levine (a former federal inmate) tells Brooke Baldwin how prisoners might go about such a thing.

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New Ben & Jerry’s Flavor Honors San Diego’s Favorite News Anchor

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Ben and Jerry’s revealed its latest limited batch concoction, paying tribute to the legendary anchorman, Ron Burgundy, and his signature drink.

“Scotchy Scotch Scotch” is made with butterscotch ice cream and laced with butterscotch swirl ribbons, giving you yet another reason to recite all your favorite lines from the classic movie before the much-anticipated release of Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues, in theaters Dec. 20. Not sure where to find it? Check out the brand’s store limited-batch locator.

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Syria Opposition Under Pressure to Negotiate

Docs: Dead Marathon Suspect Tied to 2011 Killings

‘Maria’ Case Raises Fears of Booming Baby Fraud

Homes Evacuated as Wind Fans Wildfires Near Sydney

Chinese Officials In Search of Goons Turn to College Students

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The controversial part-time jobs never happened, at least in the realm of officialdom.

On Friday, an online scandal ensued after news leaked out that university students in the southwestern Chinese city of Guiyang were being employed as thugs to protect workers carrying out forced demolitions. Although students are hired as casual bouncers and concert security in other countries, the recruiting of Chinese kids to take part in such an unpopular and often violent action as a forced demolition outraged the Chinese blogosphere.

By Oct. 20, news of the students’ unorthodox employment had been scrubbed from major news websites. That didn’t stop online discussion on social-media platforms, however, as users railed against the hiring of students in SWAT-style uniforms to prevent homeowners from stopping government bulldozers.

“What shocked and saddened me most was that these students don’t have any burden of conscience participating in the demolition,” said one of the Sina…

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Concerns Over U.S. Nuclear Security As Officers Leave Blast Door Open

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U.S. Air Force officers responsible for protecting secret launch codes for nuclear-tipped missiles left open a blast door that stops intruders from entering their command post, the Associated Press reports.

At least twice this year, launch crews failed to follow rules stipulating that blast doors must be secured if one of the two officers inside the control center is asleep.  Similar violations have gone undetected on many more occasions, Air Force officials told the AP.

There are many other safeguards in place before the blast door, but the incidents were “clear-cut violations” of weapons system safety rules, the Air Force said. The revelations follow the sudden dismissal of a senior nuclear arsenal commander last week.


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Federal Court Rules: Police Need Warrant To Use GPS

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Police officers aiming to imitate Breaking Bad’s Hank Schrader be warned — authorities will no longer be legally allowed to simply slap a GPS tracking device onto a car of their choosing. According to a report in the Washington Post, a federal court in Philadelphia ruled on Tuesday that law enforcement officials would be required to secure a warrant before attaching a GPS device to a vehicle.

The verdict comes after the defendants in the case U.S. v. Katzin argued that the evidence collected as a result of a GPS unit should be declared inadmissible because authorities had not secured a warrant first. After a district court ruled in favor of the defendants, the government appealed the case, but to no avail.

[Washington Post]

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Pointer Sisters – “Yes we can can” 1974

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