New Astronaut Barbie Sports Pink Space Boots

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For everyone who complains that Barbie dolls teach young girls to feel bad about themselves, behold the “I Can Be” collection. It’s featured Barbie in a variety of fulfilling careers, from last year’s President (“President Barbie doll can stand on her own — literally!”) to 2010′s Computer Engineer (complete with glasses and dorky shoes). Now, Barbie’s long list of careers is getting a new addition: Mars Explorer Barbie, released just in time for the one-year anniversary of the Mars Curiosity rover landing on the red planet.

The $12.99 doll debuted on August 5 in a flurry of hot pink. Her helmet, backpack, boots, and spacesuit accents all feature her favorite color, even though pink seems like it would clash with the red dust on Mars. “Adding to her resume of more than 130 careers, Mars Explorer Barbie doll inspires girls to be adventurous and to always reach for the stars!”…

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The Best-Run Charity and Other Fascinating News on the Web

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  1. High-Tech Charity

    Water of love deep in the ground

    But there ain’t no water here to be found

    Some day baby when the river runs free

    It’s gonna carry that water of love to me.

    – Dire Straits

    “It’s like sleep-away camp for geeks.” Scott Harrison has used the language and strategies of start-up culture to build Charity: Water, one of the most significant water-related organizations in the world. He not only borrows from the start-up culture, he also taps into the cash and expertise of some well-known execs and investors. How does he get so many young and wealthy individuals to back his efforts? He leads them to where the drinkable water isn’t. From the NYT Magazine: A Save-the-World Field Trip for Tech Moguls.

    + If you want to learn more and/or get involved, here’s more about Charity: water.

  2. Obama Cancels Talks with Putin

    We’ve gone…

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“Obama: Sex assaults undermine military’s integrity”


By Michael O’Brien, Political Reporter, NBC News

President Barack Obama sharply condemned an epidemic of sexual assaults within the armed forces, telling a crowd of Marines on Wednesday that the crimes threaten to undercut the military‘s integrity.

“It undermines what this military stands for and what the Marine Corps stands for when sexual assault takes place within our units,” Obama told a crowd at Camp Pendleton.

Obama said his administration would take every stride to “stop these crimes of sexual assault and upholds the honor and integrity that defines our military services,” adding that “that message is coming all the way from the top,” referencing his own role as commander in chief.

President Barack Obama speaks to troops at Camp Pendleton, Calif., Wednesday, stressing the importance of eliminating sexual assaults in the military.

The military has weathered growing outrage involving its handling of allegations of sexual assault, particularly against enlisted women. A Pentagon report in May was particularly alarming for its finding that sexual assault within the military is on the rise, and that as many as 26,000 instances of sexual assault went unreported in 2012 alone.



“Star Trek actor George Takei backs petition to move Sochi Games to Vancouver”

George Takei on “The Last Word (MSNBC)



By Frank Luba


VANCOUVER — Activist and actor George Takei, best known as helmsman Lt. Sulu in the original Star Trek series, is boldly going where tens of thousands have gone before, denouncing Russia’s anti-gay laws, calling instead for the 2014 Games to move to Vancouver from Sochi.

He’s the latest celebrity to weigh in on the Olympic controversy, endorsing a petition at that had garnered more than 55,000 supporters by Wednesday afternoon.

Russia “intends to enforce its laws against visiting LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual and transgender) athletes, trainers and fans, meaning anyone even so much as waving a rainbow flag (and I presume many men enthusiastically watching and dramatically commenting on figure skating) would be arrested, held for weeks and then deported,” he wrote in a blog post posted Tuesday.

“Given this position, the (International Olympic Committee) must do the right thing, protect its athletes and the fans, and move the 2014 Winter Olympics out of Russia.”

Takei noted Vancouver’s facilities are still in good condition and the city would be the easiest of possible alternatives. Moving the Games, he said, would be much better than a boycott — one of the options touted by some activists.

“A boycott of the games would punish athletes who have trained for years to participate, and a boycott of Russian vodka isn’t going to affect the kind of change needed,” he wrote.


Lady Gaga attends The Rally during NYC Pride 2013 on June 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Lady Gaga attends The Rally during NYC Pride 2013 on June 28, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Robin Marchant/Getty Images)

Pop star Lady Gaga is speaking out on Twitter against the anti-LGBT violence in Russia and the country’s ban on gay activism.

Activists around the world have been pressing the international community to help stop Russia’s anti-LGBT laws that prohibit the “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations.” Under the law, promoting gay pride or speeches, kissing or holding hands in public, or even being suspected of being gay could mean jail time for both citizens and tourists.

In messages posted to her feed Monday, Lady Gaga offered her support to gay and lesbian Russians.


Protesters pour out vodka over anti-gay Russian laws



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