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Andrea Potos’s poem, “Each Self” won the James Hearst Poetry Prize in 2004. Her poem is featured in issue 289.2, Spring 2004.

Notes from the author: As my daughter is now on the verge of leaving for college far away from home, I reflect again on what she inspired in me when I wrote this poem years ago:  all the invisible, infinitesimal, yet totally inescapable changes that propel us forward, willingly or not,  into new lives.


Each Self

My six-year-old daughter stares into the purpling
copper sky and names it dusk, a just-learned word
she is happy to declare, comparing it to evening
and afternoon. We talk of how the Earth turns away
from the sun each night,
a motion so encompassing,
our bodies cannot know it.
I don’t tell her how the child
part of me still disbelieves it – that this globe
actually spins while we breathe, while my…

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Hillary for America

Woody —

I learned the meaning of Memorial Day from my father, Hugh.

During World War II, my dad was a chief petty officer at the Great Lakes Naval Station outside of Chicago, responsible for training thousands of sailors before they went to the Pacific Theater. Sometimes, my dad accompanied his trainees to the West Coast before they shipped out. He told me later that it broke his heart to know that some of them would never come home.

When my dad died twenty-two years ago, many sailors who had served under him sent me letters and photographs. My favorite photo shows my dad in his uniform smiling broadly. To me, he looked as handsome as any 1940s movie star. It meant a great deal to me that these men took time to honor my dad, the same way my dad taught us to honor those who fell in the line of duty.

Today, I hope we’ll all take a moment to remember the many men and women who gave their lives to protect our country. These brave Americans knew that freedom is earned by each new generation.

My thoughts today are with those families whose sons and daughters sacrificed so much so that all our children can be safe. I hope all of us will honor their memories with our own service to our country, and to each other.

Thank you,


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[ Hearing and Doing the Word ] Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to hear, slow to speak, slow to anger;

James 1:19 ESV


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Dream as if you’ll live forever, Live as if you’ll die today Reply

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We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.

When I took a semester off in Cali, all I could think about was how much I missed NYC and how exciting it would be to blog about college life there. But four months after I returned to NYU I’ve only written four posts on my adventures here in the Big Apple. Ostensibly it’s because I just haven’t had the time. In reality it’s because I’ve kind of lost confidence in my writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer as I would like to be, and I certainly don’t think I’m good enough to capture the sense of wonder I feel every time…

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