Two Charts that Panic the GOP

Brian Beutler February 20, 2012, 4:52 AM 119991 930

“If Republicans seem spooked to you these days, here’s why.

“President Obama’s political comeback over the past several months aligns neatly with when he began more aggressively attacking the GOP and politicking for economic growth and equality back in September.

“But over that same stretch, the economy began moving in the right direction. Indicators of economic growth started moving upward, and the eye-popping indications of economic weakness started moving downward. That’s surely had an effect. And if the trends continue, it augurs very well for Obama in the general election.” [QUOTE: TPM]

Republicans screwing America (making Santorum)

“Tales from the Trail”

Republican presidential primaries leaving African American voters cold

MAR 15, 2012 16:50 EDT

Some Republicans have talked about building a broader coalition as they fight Democratic President Barack Obama’s bid for re-election this year. But so far at least, they seem to be making no inroads in attracting black voters to back the party’s candidates in the primary race for the nomination to oppose the first African-American U.S. president in November. MORE

Campaign Buttons

Campaign Buttons (Photo credit: Dom Dada)

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Barack Obama presidential campaign, 2008

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