God created man and only God could redeem man from his sins and reconcile man to God. So, God sent His Son to be come man and to die for man’s salvation.

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Obama, “Warrior for the Middle-Class” Remained Strong. Speaker Boehner and GOP Caved! 2

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives passed an amended version of the two-month payroll tax cut extension Friday, following approval in the Senate, and sent it to President Obama for his signature.

The measure passed in both chambers by unanimous consent, a procedural move allowing the measure to go forward even though most members of Congress are home for the holidays.

Obama is expected to sign the bill shortly, handing a defeat to House Republicans and wrapping up a legislative year marked by repeated partisan brinksmanship and declining public approval of a seemingly dysfunctional Congress.

House and Senate members are now expected to resume negotiations on a year-long extension of the tax cut when Congress reconvenes in January.

GOP leaders first questioned the merit of the tax cut and then complained that a short-term extension would be more trouble than it’s worth, but Obama used the standoff to portray the Republicans as de fenders of the rich with a callous attitude toward the burdens of the middle class.

House Speaker John Boehner, R-Ohio, finally succumbed Thursday to calls from across the political spectrum for House Republicans to stop blocking congressional approval of the bipartisan two-month extension previously approved by the Senate.

Under the deal, the payroll tax will remain at the current 4.2% rate instead of reverting to the 6.2% rate it was at before the cut was enacted last year. Without congressional action, the higher rate would have returned in 2012, meaning an average $1,000 tax increase for 160 million Americans. The typical worker’s take home salary will shrink by about $40 per pay period without the tax cut.

The agreement also includes the addition of legislative language to ease the administrative burden on small businesses implementing the plan, and a commitment to the negotiations on a one-year extension of the payroll tax cut as well as other benefits. [QUOTE: CNN]

2011: How’d the Republican Candidates Do with the American People?

This has been the year of getting to know the Republican candidates for the nomination for President of the United States.  The circus of exploration went from the ridiculous…to the even more ridiculous.  There have been great revelations in bad behaviour, scandalous history and a shocking willingness to suspend truth, character and attention to “traditional values” in order to win.  One wonders what drives them: The quest for ultimate global power?  Weeks ago, rapacious Governor Chris Christie (R-NJ) said that no one would want him as their vice president.  He then accepted the job of being bulldog for Willard Mitt Romney, former Governor of Massachusetts as he continued his campaign for the nomination.  After indicating that Romney would not want him as his vice president, Christie is now willing to be considered.  Typical?  If Chris Christie tells you it is raining, go to the window and check for yourself.  Blazoned on our collective memory is the video opening a window onto the true lack of respect Chris Christie has for the electorate:

Chris Christie Would Embarrass Us on the National Stage

Governor of New Jersey at a town hall in Hills...

"Gale, mind your own business!"

“Newt Gingrich, You’re a Loser” – Parody


“GOP heart of Dixie could be up for grabs” – UPI



The Tea Party thought they had a holy mission, but, were corrupted and co-opted by the system.  Their power has not produced good.  They must not be re-elected.  We cannot restore the middle-class and take back America until all of us determine to TAKE THE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS! Oh, Washington! So much evil goes on in secret back rooms with deals that result in big profits for some and the lost of rights, dreams and the very survival of many Americans. How many Americans are left who love God and country enough to fight for an America that works for the common man and woman? How many Americans have been freed from political mistakes and evil ideology of the American political past which discriminated against minorities, the sick and the elderly? AMERICANS WHO ARE DIFFERENT?  America has come a long way into giving civil and human rights to all Americans in the 21st Century.  We are not the America we read about in history books in school.  As envisioned by our founders, America is a democracy which continues to evolve.  Some Americans hold onto the past, perhaps for security. Modern day Americans still have values and goals and religion.  They worship the true God and accept Jesus as their Saviour. No group has a lock on God. He made us all and He loves us all. He sent His Son to die for all of our sins, not just the Christian Right. All who accept Jesus Christ God makes His children.  Thank you, Father!

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Jesus Christ, Born to Die for Our Sins

A KISS MAKES HISTORY (video) God Bless LGBT People Everywhere!

22 December 2011 Last updated at 11:28 ET Help

Two female US sailors have become the first same-sex couple to share the traditional dockside “first kiss” since the US ended a ban on gays in the army.

Petty Officer 2nd Class Marissa Gaeta, who had been at sea for 80 days, won the right to be the first person to kiss her partner on shore in a raffle.

The couple said the moment had been “a long time coming”. The US Army‘s Don’t Ask Don’t Tell policy was lifted in September, after years of debate.

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Gay Couple with child

Gay Couple with Child

Martin Bashir of “BashirLive” (MSNBC) Likens Eric Cantor as “Iago” to John Boehner’s “Othello”

Illustration of Othello and Iago

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I was quite amused by Martin Bashir (from England) used Shakespeare to describe the relationship between Speaker of the House, John Boehner (R-OH) and House Majority Leader, Rep. Eric Cantor (R-VA).  Boehner is “Othello” to Cantor’s “Iago.”  It is a wonderful play and even better opera. It is entertaining to read Wikipedia’s description of the character “Iago” in Shakespeare’s “Othello”:

Description of character

Iago is one of Shakespeare’s most sinister villains, often considered such because of the unique trust that Othello places in him, which he betrays while maintaining his reputation of honesty and dedication. Shakespeare contrasts Iago with Othello’s nobility and integrity. With 1097 lines, he has more lines than Othello.

Iago is a Machiavellian schemer and manipulator, as he is often referred to as “honest Iago”, displaying his skill at deceiving other characters so that not only do they not suspect him, but they count on him as the person most likely to be truthful.

Shakespearean critic A. C. Bradley said that “evil has nowhere else been portrayed with such mastery as in the evil character of Iago.”[3] The mystery surrounding Iago’s actual motives continues to intrigue readers and fuel scholarly debate.

If You Love America, Wish the Obamas Well in 2012!

I’ve known the President and the First Lady for a long time.

I’ve seen them face some big years before. But the year ahead will be the biggest.

And as we head into 2012, I think we should show Barack and Michelle how many folks are standing with them.

Wish the Obamas well for 2012.

A couple of us on the campaign are putting together a card for everyone to sign with our names and notes, wishing the President and the First Lady well for the year ahead. It may feel like a small gesture, but it’s one that becomes very large, very quickly, when hundreds of thousands of people add their names. I just know it’s going to mean the world to them.

This is Barack Obama’s last campaign. Let’s show him and Michelle that we’ll be behind them every step of the way next year:

Thank you, and best wishes for a happy new year.


Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America

President Obama and Secretary Clinton, Please Use Our $ Thousands in Aid to Protect LGBT in Cameroon 1

Jonas is 19 years old. Francky is 20. And a judge in Cameroon just sentenced them both to 5 years in prison for being gay.

Cameroon has several laws that criminalize homosexuality — at least 10 people have been arrested this year alone. Last July, Jonas and Francky were arrested outside a club on suspicion of violating these discriminatory anti-gay laws.

Violence against gay people in Cameroon has skyrocketed to unprecedented levels: the situation is quickly becoming a crisis,” says human rights attorney Alice Nkom. “The president of Cameroon can put a stop to this and, if he feels enough pressure, he will do so.”

Stephane Koche is a Cameroonian LGBT rights activist working with the organization ADEFHO (Association of Defence of Homosexuals) to free Jonas and Francky. Stephane started a petition on demanding that Cameroonian president Paul Biya free Jonas and Francky immediately. Please sign Stephane’s petition today.

The good news is that Cameroonian leaders have been responsive to pressure in cases like Jonas and Francky’s. Indeed, pressure from local activists has already helped to free 3 of those 10 individuals who were arrested, and this past May, global pressure on the president of Malawi compelled him to release a gay couple who had been jailed after they got married.

If President Biya feels international pressure to release Jonas and Francky, he will do so, but time is of the essence. Please sign Stephane’s petition right now demanding that President Biya free two men sentenced to 5 years in prison for being gay:

Thanks for being a change-maker,

Francky St Valentin

TOP 1% BANKERS USED AND ABUSED BLACK PEOPLE FOR PROFIT – What do they care about a $1000 tax raise, huh, Grover Norquist?

Bank of America will pay $335 million to settle federal claims that its Countrywide unit discriminated against minority borrowers, Justice Department officials announced.

Attorney General Eric Holder said a federal probe found discrimination against 200,000 qualified African-American and Hispanic borrowers from 2004 to 2008 during the height of the housing market boom. He said minority borrowers who qualified for prime loans were steered into higher interest rate subprime loans.

Bank of America purchased Countrywide in 2008 for $4 billion in a deal that made the bank the nation’s leading mortgage lender at the time. The deal closed in July 2008 ahead of the meltdown in financial markets that fall. [QUOTE: CNN]