GLOBAL WARMING: Only Idiots Put Fingers in Their Ears to Avoid Truth


Obama warns Syria’s Assad not to use chemical weapons


“Sen. John Kerry would be the best pick for Secretary of State”

By Chris Matthews

Let me finish with this tonight.

I’ve long believed that the best decision of Barack Obama’s presidency came before his taking the office. It was naming Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.

It did something magical, healing any bad feeling between the two presidential rivals, uniting the Democratic party, setting a hopeful course for political maturity, giving not just the president but the country a top-drawer top diplomat to face the world.

Now, it’s up to President Obama to do it again. He’s won a second-term. Now he needs to make it great. Naming John Kerry to replace secretary Clinton fits that bill. Picking Susan Rice would be good, but picking Kerry would be better.

Since Thomas Jefferson, the post of Secretary of State stands alone in history. It’s by its nature a role holding the most stature but for the presidency itself.

Kerry won 252 electoral votes in 2004 against a sitting chief executive, a wartime president at that. A combat veteran in Vietnam, a leading critic of that war later, a five-time elected Senator, the chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee has contacts around the world. He’s just the sort of heavyweight Obama picked the first time.



WHITEHOUSE: “Kind of Amazing”

Kind of amazing.You have to see this video.Every White House has the privilege of hosting some world class athletes. Every President gets an opportunity to welcome Super Bowl champions, winners of the NBA Finals, and other professional and collegiate athletes at the top of their games.

But every once in a while, the White House hosts a group of champions who represent us all — Team USA.

Last week, more than 400 Olympians and Paralympians gathered at the White House for an event to celebrate their success in this year’s London Games.

We put together a video that takes you behind the scenes and lets you hear from the athletes as they describe their visit. Check it out here:


We also sat down with one extraordinary athlete — Lieutenant Brad Snyder — as he met with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lieutenant Snyder is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Exactly one year after he was blinded by an improvised explosive device while on duty in Afghanistan, he won gold in the 400-meter freestyle in the London Paralympics, finishing nearly six seconds ahead of the next closest competitor.

That video is pretty special, too.

Check them both out here:



Civilians flee Aleppo as assault continues

UN says 200,000 people have left Syria’s largest city and many more are trapped, as rebels warn of regime “massacres”.
Last Modified: 30 Jul 2012 05:41 GMT

“London Mayor Boris Johnson responds to Romney gaffe”


Romney flubs, tells press of secret MI6 meeting


Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney on Thursday told reporters outside 10 Downing Street in London that his meetings with British officials included one with Sir John Sawers, head of the Secret Intelligence Service MI6. British news outlets called the comment a gaffe, since meetings with MI6 – Britain’s equivalent of the CIA – are typically kept under wraps.


Definition of Diplomacy:

 the art and practice of conducting negotiations between nations for the attainment of mutually satisfactory terms <the technique of direct diplomacy, whereby responsible members of governments deal with each other face to face instead of through ambassadors or other intermediaries — N.F.Busch> <secondly, there is the other kind of diplomacy … : the search for agreement between friends on policies and tactics and timing — Lester Pearson> — compareDIPLOMATIC AGENT b : the procedures, methods, and forms employed in conducting such negotiations diplomacy> <forget that diplomacy is itself a skilled profession — Llewellyn Woodward> diplomacyc : the skillful or successful settlement of differences between peoples <diplomacy is the peaceful resolution of disputes between autonomous groups — M.J.Herskovits> d : a statesman’s or nation’s policies and strategies in conducting foreign relations <when the diplomacy of certain aggressive statesmen was employed to isolate a particular enemy so as to facilitate his defeat — C.J.Friedrich>