“Obama calls ‘On Air with Ryan Seacrest’ to defend ACA, mom jeans”


By Michele Richinick

President Barack Obama phoned in to On Air with Ryan Seacrest on Friday to discuss the looming enrollment deadline for the Affordable Care Act, the latest in a series of viral stunts intended to encourage young people to buy health insurance coverage.

“You should go to HealthCare.gov and compare the prices that are available for various private plans. And they’re the same kind of plans that you’d get on the job that people are familiar with,” he told Seacrest, who also hosts American Idol.

Citizens must sign up for a plan by March 31 or risk not being covered by health insurance for the remainder of the year. Once this month ends, the next opportunity to enroll will be in November. Americans who cannot afford a plan with the help of subsidiaries and tax exemptions, however, won’t suffer penalties for not enrolling.

Almost one million residents registered for insurance last month, but the White House is still aiming to recruit two million more in less than three weeks. About 4.2 million people overall have found private health coverage through the new insurance exchanges since the infamously rocky rollout of the website last October.



DAILY DELANEY DOWNER - Dan Friedman: “Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and 71 other congressional Democrats are asking the agriculture secretary to delay a new law cutting food stamps for hundreds of thousands of Americans. ‘Our states need time to adjust their policies to accommodate this drastic cut and roll out the changes seamlessly,’ the lawmakers say in a letter they plan to send Tuesday to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack. Gillibrand lined up the lawmakers to sign off on the letter, which asks Vilsack to delay until next fall a provision in the massive farm bill Congress passed this month that cuts $8 billion in food stamp aid.” [Daily News]

“A Democratic Contract With America: How to Retake the House and Combat Economic Inequality”


Ian Reifowitz

Author of ‘Obama’s America: A Transformative Vision of Our National Identity’

This bold plan will restore equality of opportunity in our country. It enshrines the central value of the American Dream, that every American child should have an equal chance at achieving the good life: a job that allows him or her to support a family, and eventually enjoy a safe, secure retirement.

Our plan is fiscally responsible. First of all, increasing the minimum wage will directly save our government money by leaving fewer working people in need of government support. Today, millions of people who work full-time still need Medicaid, food stamps, and other aid because the minimum wage is too low to bring them out of poverty. McDonald’s is even telling its employees to seek out government assistance.



“Wall Street’s nightmare: President Warren” 1


By Ben White and Maggie Haberman


NEW YORK — There are three words that strike terror in the hearts of Wall Street bankers and corporate executives across the land: President Elizabeth Warren.

The anxiety over Warren grew Monday after a magazine report suggested the bank-bashing Democratic senator from Massachusetts could mount a presidential bid in 2016 and would not necessarily defer to Hillary Clinton — who is viewed as far more business-friendly — for the party’s nomination

And the fear is not only that Warren, who channels an increasingly popular strain of Occupy Wall Street-style anti-corporatism, might win. That is viewed by many political analysts as a slim possibility. It is also that a Warren candidacy, and even the threat of one, would push Clinton to the left in the primaries and revive arguments about breaking up the nation’s largest banks, raising taxes on the wealthy and otherwise stoking populist anger that is likely to also play a big role in the Republican primaries.

(Also on POLITICO: Report fuels prospect of 2016 Elizabeth Warren run)

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