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English: Official portrait of United States At...

English: Official portrait of United States Attorney General Eric Holder Español: Retrato oficial de Fiscal General de los Estados Unidos Eric Holder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The effort to impeachAttorney General Eric Holder is in retaliation for his efforts to block the new and restrictive voter ID laws in Texas. Most of the sponsors of the impeachment are Texas members of the House of Representatives. They will fail in their effort, but regard it as good practice for their 2015 effort to impeach President Obama if the GOP do well in the 2014 elections.

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Jeb Bush

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Jeb Bush

Jeb Bush (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jeb Bush is rightly considered to be the better Bush, but considering his father’s and his brother’s records, that is not saying much. For me to even consider him in 2016, he must speak honestly about both his brother’s record in office and President Obama’s record. I will accept neither “mistakes were made” nor the usual GOP lies. The only words I will listen to are honest ones.

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Expand Social Security

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The Cost of Living (Jason Webley album)

The Cost of Living (Jason Webley album) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Rather than cut benefits to the elderly under a chained CPI, it is time to consider expanding Social Security by calculating annual benefit increases using CPI-E, an expanded CPI, CPI for the elderly that calculates the true cost of living for actual, living and breathing human beings. The cost of living increase for 2014 is only 1.5% when food, medical expenses and insurance are up at double-digit rates. I would finance expanded Social Security by means of a Robin Hood tax on financial transactions. Wall Street is setting new highs. Let those who can afford to pay a bit more in taxes help those who cannot.

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Kmart Bell Choir Performs “Jingle Bells” in Boxers

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First NBA players performed “Jingle Bells” by sinking three-pointers. Now, in “Show Your Joe,” a new Kmart spot advertising Joe Boxer, a bell choir performs the carol by… just watch…

Between the viral “Ship My Pants” and “Big Gas Savings” commercials, the retailer sure loves wordplay about bottoms.

WATCH:Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ Commercial is Going Viral

WATCH: ‘Big Gas Savings’: Kmart’s Funny Followup to the Viral ‘Ship My Pants’ Ad

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Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds Stabbed, Son Dead

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Updated: 3:50 p.m.

Virginia State Senator Creigh Deeds has improved from critical to fair condition Tuesday after sustaining stab wounds at his Bath County home. His 24-year-old son, Gus, died from a gunshot wound at the scene less than a day after receiving a emergency mental health evaluation.

“At this time we are not looking for any suspects,” said Corinne Geller, a spokeswoman for the Virginia State Police.  “Based on the evidence we have right now, we are looking into this as an attempted murder and suicide.”

Dennis Cropper, executive director of Rockbridge County Community Services Board, said that Gus Deeds was evaluated on Monday under an Emergency Custody Order, but was released because there was no space in any of the regional psychiatric facilities, the Richmond Times-Dispatch reports.  Under an Emergency Custody Order, or ECO, Deeds could be held for as long as four hours to decide whether he could be held for up to 48…

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Take A Double Shot of Aspirin: Hangovers Only Get Worse as You Age

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If you thought hangovers in your 20s and 30s were bad, then you better start stocking up on Aspirin and Gatorade now.

The WSJ reports that the repercussions of drinking only get amplified in people’s 40s and 50s due to everything from body composition to lifestyle choices.

“You’re becoming more work-oriented, more family-oriented,” Rutgers director of the Center of Alcohol Studies Robert Pandina said. “You might have a more sensitive response to alcohol because you’ve lowered your exposure to alcohol overall.”

In other words, they have lower tolerances. The CDC measured that 52% of 45-64 year olds are “regular” drinkers having at least 12 drinks a year. Hold up: having a drink a month makes you a regular drinker? A drink a week seems more reasonable but hey, we’re not doctors.

So is the answer to avoiding nasty hangovers asking for smaller glasses, or ordering out of fishbowls with a…

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