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Teach Me, Lord

© Heather Flood

Teach me, Lord,
What I don’t know
Show me which way
And where to go
Alone I stumble
Alone I fall
But your gentle voice
Leads through it all
Take my hand
Light my way
Be my beacon
Night and day
I am weak
And sometimes so low
But you give me strength
And make me whole
Teach me, Lord and Father,
Your child has become like new
Empty me of myself
So I can live for you

[INTERNATIONAL] “Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia” Reply




SONG:  “Just As I Am”


SONG:  “I’m Going Home to Live with Jesus”

SERMON: “Father, Forgive, For We Know What We Are Doing” by John Piper

 3 CROSSES 144215_max


SERMON:  “Father, Forgive, For We Know What We Are Doing”


SONG: “Crying in the Chapel” by Mahalia Jackson



“A. W. Tozer Sermon – The Holy Spirit: Let Him come In”

SERMON:  “The Holy Spirit: Let Him Come In”


SONG: “Witness” by Kathleen Battle

“A Broken and Contrite Heart God Will Not Despise”


praying hands

SONG: “My Soul’s Been Anchored in De lord”

“Democrats Fight Back Against Religious Freedom Laws By Pushing For LGBT Federal Protections”



“Louisiana lawmakers at odds on religious freedom bill”



SERMON: “Individual Responsibility for Salvation”



SERMON: “Individual Responsibility in Salvation” by David E. Pratte


SONG:  “Yield Not to Temptation”


SERMON: “The Passover Lamb and The Lamb of God” – [Today is Good Friday]

Jesus is the Lamb of God

Jesus is the Lamb of God


SERMON:  “The Passover Lamb and The Lamb of God”


SONG:  “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone”


cross and lily


PATH OF THE KING: Palm Sunday 2015


SERMON:  “Jesus’ Triumphal Entrance into Jerusalem”


SONG:  “Blessed Assurance” by Alan Jackson