‘Affluenza’ and the Miscarriage of Justice”

HUFFINGTON POST By Rev. Al Sharpton The justice system. We often like to think that in a great democracy like ours, we are all equal under the law no matter what our personal or financial background. The reality is, that while we may have a right to an attorney and a day in court, our judicial system is far from perfect. Too often, those with money and power can avert harsh sentences, while the poor find themselves receiving maximum time and penalties. This aspect of economic inequality — one where a 16-year-old teenager can drive drunk, kill four people and receive no jail time because he allegedly suffered from ‘affluenza’ — is one of our greatest remaining challenges. Financial disparity within our judicial system isn’t a notion of the past; it is ever present today. And perhaps nothing serves as more of a stirring reminder of this grave injustice than the very case of this teen, Ethan Couch, who has forever shattered the lives of many and received nothing but a virtual slap on the wrist. FULL ARTICLE

“Michael Jackson’s son tears up in court as he recalls dad’s death”


By Maria Elena Fernandez, TODAY


Michael Jackson’s 16-year-old son’s bloodshot eyes welled up with tears Wednesday when he told a Los Angeles jury that when his father died in a hospital emergency room four years ago, the singer’s personal physician

Dave J Hogan / Getty Images Prince Jackson attends a concert to remember his late father, Michael Jackson, in Wales in 2012.

Dave J Hogan / Getty Images
Prince Jackson attends a concert to remember his late father, Michael Jackson, in Wales in 2012.

simply turned to Jackson’s three children and said, “Sorry, kids, Dad’s dead.”

Michael Joseph Jackson Jr., known as Prince, was the first member of the Jackson family to take the stand in the Los Angeles Superior Court wrongful death and negligence suitthat his grandmother filed against concert promoter AEG Live. At the time of his death, Jackson, 50, was in the middle of rehearsals for his “This is It” comeback tour in London. The lawsuit alleges that AEG was responsible for hiring Dr. Conrad Murray, who was convicted in 2011 of involuntary manslaughter in Jackson’s death, as Jackson’s doctor.

Jackson’s eldest son remained composed as he spoke of the special relationship he and his siblings had with their father and described in detail the confusing days before the King of Pop died, and the impact of his death on the lives of his children.

“It will never be the same,” said the teen who lives with his grandmother, a cousin, and siblings in Calabasas, Calif. He talked about how challenging life has been for his 15-year-old sister, Pariswho is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after a suicide attempt on June 5. He said his 11-year-old brother, Prince Michael Jackson, known as Blanket, “is so young he doesn’t realize what he lost” and that he and Paris no longer celebrate their birthdays.

“She was hit the hardest,” he said. “She was my dad’s princess. She is definitely dealing with it in her own way.”



‘Harry Potter’ Grows Up: Daniel Radcliffe Can’t Wait to Be a Dad”


By Jennifer Cheng



In an interview with Time Out London this week, Daniel Radcliffe, star of the Harry Potter franchise, revealed that he would like to father a child before turning 30.

“I really want to have kids. I’ve grown up around lots of people who were having kids when I knew them, because a lot of them were a lot older than me. And I saw the wonderful change in them. A lot more tired, a lot more happy,” said the 23-year-old actor.

He’s got big aspirations for his future offspring too. “I’m definitely going to be one of those parents who pushes their kids into things,” he says, adding, “I’d love my kids to be a boxer. Yeah! Cricket too.” But the 5′ 5″ actor quipped that he will have to find “a VERY tall wife” to ensure that any kids he has are good at sports.

Read more: http://newsfeed.time.com/2013/06/08/harry-potter-grows-up-daniel-radcliffe-cant-wait-to-be-a-dad/#ixzz2VdTWyrVq


“Domino’s ‘DomiCopter’ drone can deliver two large pepperonis”


By Nidhi Subbaraman, NBC News

On a lunch break last month, a small custom-built octacopter made a 10-minute flight through the city of Guildford, outside of London. Its special cargo: two large pepperoni pizzas.

The delivery was masterminded by a T + Biscuits, an English creative agency that was hired by Domino’s to test prototypes.

“We’re looking at making flying pizzas a possibility,” Tom Hatton, Master Brewer and founder of T + Biscuits, told NBC News.

A pizza delivering drone smells deliciously similar to the fabled TacoCopter — a taco delivery app which, to the Internet‘s disappointment, ended up being just a concept design — but Hatton insists the “DomiCopter” is the real deal. “We’re serious about it,” he said.

Still, don’t hold your breath for a local copter-powered delivery system coming anytime soon. The daily business of T + Biscuits has more to do with mobile apps than logistics and safety regulations, and while the video certainly demonstrates that the pizzas did fly, the firm and its client likely did it more for publicity than for revolutionizing the delivery game, at least for now.

The agency hired custom drone makers in the U.K. and tested a few prototypes until they found the best. “Domino’s said: ‘Right, that’s the one. Let’s make a video and get it out there,’” Hatton said.



“Muslim hard-liners ID suspect in London attack”


This story contains video that some viewers may find graphic.

LONDON – A man seen with bloody hands wielding a butcher knife after the killing of a British soldier on the streets of London was described as a convert to Islam who took part in demonstrations with a banned radical group, two Muslim hard-liners said Thursday.

Police raided houses in connection with the brazen slaying of the off-duty soldier, identified as Lee Rigby, of the 2nd Battalion The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers, who served in Afghanistan. In addition to the two suspects who were hospitalized after being shot by police, authorities said they had arrested a man and a woman, both 29, on suspicion of conspiracy to murder.

Police would not say whether it appeared Rigby had been targeted specifically because of his military service. Although he was not in uniform at the time he was killed, he was said by witnesses to be wearing a T-shirt for a British veterans’ charity.



“Man dead in “truly shocking” London attack”


Updated at 9:50 p.m. ET

This story contains a video some viewers might find graphic.

LONDON – Two men with butcher knives hacked another to death Wednesday near a London military barracks and one then went on video to explain the crime — shouting political statements, gesturing with bloodied hands and waving a meat cleaver. Soon after, arriving police shot and wounded the unidentified assailants and took them into custody.

The brutal daylight attack galvanized this city and raised fears that terrorism had returned to London.

Authorities did not identify the victim by name, but French President Francois Hollande referred to him as a “soldier” at a news conference in Paris with visiting British Prime Minister David Cameron. Cameron would not confirm that, but British media reported that the victim was wearing a shirt in support of troops and Britain’s Ministry of Defense said it was investigating whether a U.K. soldier was involved.

Calling it “an appalling murder,” Cameron said there were “strong indications” it was an act of terrorism, and two other officials said there were signs the attack was motivated by radical Islam.

The Cabinet’s emergency committee was immediately convened and security was stepped up at army barracks across London. Cameron cut short his Paris trip to return to London and his office said he would chair another session Thursday.



“Justin Bieber’s manager: ‘There’s nothing wrong with him’

Justin-Bieber Someb40D5FE8rev

Justin-Bieber Someb40D5FE8rev (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

No need to worry about Justin Bieber. Despite some recent drama, the Biebs’ manager, Scooter Braun, says he’s more than all right. 

“There’s nothing wrong with him,” he told me today at singer Tori Kelly’s secret show at the Conduit lounge at SXSW. “He’s in a great place.”

Did Selena just diss Justin in her new dance video? 

Braun said the Portugal concert cancellation actually happened awhile ago because of real technical issues stemming from the time it takes to move the entire concert production from one location to another.



Kate’s Preggers!

1. Kate’s Pregnant. FinallyGuess who’s having a baby? After months of rampant speculation, the palace announced today that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are indeed expecting. Sources tell The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes that Kateis just 12 weeks along and didn’t want to announce this early, but a visit to the hospital forced her hand. Plus, why she likely won’t have a nanny, a primer on the acute morning sickness that sent her to the hospital—andthe early odds on baby names. More…

“Assange disregards questions on free press, his reported ill health”


In a sometimes combative interview Wednesday on “OutFront with Erin Burnett,” Assange described strategic surveillance by governments as a “sea change in politics” that puts freedoms at risk.

When pushed about Ecuador‘s press freedom record, described by the Committee to Protect Journalists as one of the worst in Latin America, Assange said: “Its people have been generous to me, but it’s not a significant world player.”

“Whatever little things occurring in small countries are not of concern,” he said. “We must concentrate on what is happening in the entire civilization of the world.”

One on one with Julian Assange

Assange: Obama admin. was ‘corrupted’

Assange living in a ‘space station’

Assange fled to the Ecuadorian Embassy in London in June to avoid extradition to Sweden, where he is wanted for questioning over allegations that he raped one woman and sexually molested another. Assange has said he fears Sweden will transfer him to the United States, where he could face the death penalty for the work of WikiLeaks.

He has repeatedly said the allegations are politically motivated and tied to the work of his website, which facilitates the publication of secret documents. WikiLeaks has published hundreds of thousands of pages of American government diplomatic cables and assessments of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

He has not been charged in the United States, though Assange and his supporters claim a U.S. grand jury has been empanelled to consider charges against him.


WHITEHOUSE: “Kind of Amazing”

Kind of amazing.You have to see this video.Every White House has the privilege of hosting some world class athletes. Every President gets an opportunity to welcome Super Bowl champions, winners of the NBA Finals, and other professional and collegiate athletes at the top of their games.

But every once in a while, the White House hosts a group of champions who represent us all — Team USA.

Last week, more than 400 Olympians and Paralympians gathered at the White House for an event to celebrate their success in this year’s London Games.

We put together a video that takes you behind the scenes and lets you hear from the athletes as they describe their visit. Check it out here:


We also sat down with one extraordinary athlete — Lieutenant Brad Snyder — as he met with First Lady Michelle Obama.

Lieutenant Snyder is a veteran of the U.S. Navy. Exactly one year after he was blinded by an improvised explosive device while on duty in Afghanistan, he won gold in the 400-meter freestyle in the London Paralympics, finishing nearly six seconds ahead of the next closest competitor.

That video is pretty special, too.

Check them both out here: http://www.whitehouse.gov/team-usa