“End Poverty? Reduce Inequality? What Republicans Must Do First”



“GOP hopefuls weigh in on gay marriage”



“While Lying Through His Teeth Mitt Romney Calls Hillary Clinton Clueless”






These Republicans Stink!


First, Republican candidate for President Mitt Romney and his wife refused to release extensive tax returns to assure the American people that they were not hiding untold wealth offshore.



Today, once thought of Vice Presidential candidate for the Republicans is being investigated for alleged financial misdoings:  His name is Bob McDonnell and he is the Governor of Virginia.  That state’s attorney general is also being investigated for “gifts” from the same guy in the McDonnell scandal.


FILE - In this Jan. 1, 2010 file photo, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference in Honolulu. Director Betty Thomas said John Cusack's production company has a script ready that will star the actor as Limbaugh in a film planned for 2013. It's not typecasting: Cusack is an outspoken liberal. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson, file )

FILE – In this Jan. 1, 2010 file photo, conservative talk show host Rush Limbaugh speaks during a news conference in Honolulu. Director Betty Thomas said John Cusack’s production company has a script ready that will star the actor as Limbaugh in a film planned for 2013. It’s not typecasting: Cusack is an outspoken liberal. (AP Photo/Chris Carlson, file )

The unabashed face and voice of the Republican Party is Rush Limbaugh who is costing his company, Cumulus Media, millions as sponsors reject the vitriol that issues from Limbaugh’s ratty radio perch.  Use my search feature to learn more about the excesses of Rush Limbaugh.

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“Ken Cucinelli’s War on Oral Sex” 1


Michelangelo Signorile

Editor-at-large, HuffPost Gay Voices

Sherri Shepherd of ABC’s “The View’ has not exactly been the most ardent champion of gay rights in the past, having supported Proposition 8 in 2008. But yesterday on the show she commented that if Virgina GOP gubernatorial candidate Ken Cucinelli — who is intent on reinstating Virginia’s Crimes Against Nature law — really thinks oral sex (between any two people) is the same as gay sex, then she, a self-professed evangelical Christian, “is gayer than a gay two-dollar bill.”

Is this really where the GOP is going in 2013, taking on straight sex too? And that raises yet another question: Is it time for a reporter to ask Cucinelli, currently the Virginia attorney general, if he’s ever engaged in cunnilingus or had anyone go down on him? Is American politics truly headed in that direction as the GOP defies political analysts as well as the beliefs and practices of the vast majority of Americans and continues to pander to extremists within in its base?

In 2012, we saw two political candidates who could not have been more starkly different on gay rights and some predicted it was the last time we’d see it. President Obama supported marriage equality, while Mitt Romney supported a constitutional ban on gay marriage. When Romney lost, and as polls showed majority support in the country for gay marriage, political analysts, pundits and even the Republican National Committee chair himself, Reince Preibus, predicted GOP candidates would need to change the tone on gay rights. After the Supreme Court’s gay marriage rulings last month, the predictions only continued, with some even saying that momentum in the Republican Party is moving toward changing with the times.



“Is Immigration the Only ANSWER FOR THE GOP?”

National Journal
The Edge

Jul. 12, 2013

 Launching this month, DefenseOne.com, a new Atlantic Media brand covering trends and ideas that will define the future of U.S. national security.

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Is Immigration the Only Answer for the GOP?

Are Republicans doomed without passing comprehensive immigration reform? That’s been the underlying assumption in much of the media coverage over the last month. As the thinking goes, rejection of the Gang of Eight‘s legislation will permanently consign Republicans to the measly 27 percent of Hispanic voters that Mitt Romney received in the 2012 election.

Republicans face a serious challenge diversifying their coalition. But the narrow focus on immigration as a silver bullet understates their problems and neglects the possibility that other factors contributed to the GOP’s problem. President Obama didn’t touch immigration throughout most of his first term, only belatedly addressing the issue during a tight campaign. Yet he still won Latinos in a landslide.

Romney’s crack on “self-deportation” surely cost him minority support, but his economic messaging and privileged background didn’t help either. Indeed, Romney performed even worse among Asian-Americans than Hispanics—a sign that the GOP problems go well beyond immigration.

If Republicans focused on proposals for economic opportunity—education reform and worker retraining programs, to name two—it could yield greater dividends across racial lines than simply passing an immigration bill.

Josh Kraushaar





President Romney Would Seek to Establish a New Confederate States of America



It should be abundantly clear to all of us how dangerous a Romney presidency would be.  Mitt Romney  wants to cede federal power back to the states,  many of whom were bankrupt recently and had to quietly seek stimulus funds which they subverted to balance their state budgets.  Who really thinks the states would properly administer sole control of Medicaid? I don’t understand why the polls have the election so close.  I guess many people are befuddled by lying political ads on TV.  They can’t imagine that Mitt Romney would really turn Medicare into a voucher program where the elderly would have to seek healthcare insurance at a time in their lives when their bodies and faculties are waning.  Romney supporters cannot see the dead stacked up in emergency rooms when  after too late seniors are forced to take public transportation to get to a hospital  and seek medical attention to stay alive.

Mitt Romney is some kind of  Svengali who gives stump speeches promising “big things” with no ideas on how to financially make them real.  The Paul Budget is real.  Once installed in the Whitehouse, Team Romney-Ryan would use their good offices to influence Congress to extend tax cuts for the TOP 1% and increase taxes on the poor and middle-class to pay for them.  For 30 years the middle-class has seen no appreciable increase in wages and salaries while those at the top of the ladder have flourished.  President Romney would show us a new meaning for the word misery.  When President Romney repeals Obamacare, we,  the elderly, will have to go back to eating cat food and choosing whether to buy medicines or food. (I am not exaggerating!)


“Mark Sanford wins special election for Congress”


By Catalina Camia

The former governor and Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch squared off in a special election for Congress.

(Photo: Rainier Ehrhardt, AP)

(Photo: Rainier Ehrhardt, AP)

WASHINGTON — Disgraced ex-South Carolina governor Mark Sanford won his bid for redemption on Tuesday night, defeating Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch for his old seat in Congress.

Sanford, a Republican who admitted an extramarital affair in 2009, was ready to quit politics for good if he was not victorious in South Carolina’s 1st Congressional District. He will replace Republican Tim Scott, who was appointed to the Senate.

The former governor — once a rising GOP star considered presidential material — was an early favorite in the Republican district, which Mitt Romney carried by 18 percentage points in the 2012 election. But the revelation that Sanford’s ex-wife, Jenny, accused the candidate of trespassing at her home caused the National Republican Congressional Committee to withdraw its support in mid-April and gave Colbert Busch an opening.



Wouldn’t It Be Nice to Have a President Like Jesus?


Have you noticed how in our country, and elsewhere, some men get rich, achieve success and, then, they want power. Power over the “little people.” [Success is Mitt Romney‘s platform. Newt Gingrich thinks he is the rightful arbiter of right and wrong and based on that should win! Santorum, not rich, yearns for power, too.] Why do rich people want to control our lives, make the poor accede to their agenda and let them define for us, right from wrong? Rick Santorum, would impose his personal, religious agenda on us and that of his Roman Catholic Church

Our Souls Are Worth More Than Any Amount of Success or Money!

Romney is only concerned for those who have achieved success. These candidates are the minions of the elite TOP 1% of the American population. One of the true statements in The Bible is, “Money is the root of all evil.” Mitt Romney, do y’all believe that in the Mormon Church? I recall that you are/were a high official in your religion. Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum, how about your Roman Catholic Church? Newt Gingrich, as president, would put us in jeopardy of being controlled by the infamous “leader whose name we dare not speak.”  Each of us must have a personal relationship with God which keeps us in sync with His plan for us.

Lincoln, Roosevelt and King

Lord, send us another Abraham Lincoln or a Franklin Delano Roosevelt or a Martin Luther King! America has become a dismal place. Those who seek public office don’t fear punishment for lying to us. The make passionate statements one day and “walk them back” the next day. All without blinking their eyes!  They admit that meet in “quiet rooms” to discuss and plan our fate.They meet in their convention and spend a lot of time making a platform: A list of all the policies their political party stands for…until the next convention. Sadly, there is no one to police these platforms and make sure they are enacted in governance…if they win the election. What do the political parties do in the non-election years? Just plan for the next election? Why aren’t they actively growing their party down to the grassroot’s level?

Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum

Republicans are not happy with their choice of candidates for president.  These men have the kind of baggage which says that these men are less than ideal for President of the United States.  But, GOP Voters they must “hold their nose(s)” and chose a nominee.

Way before he started the campaign, President Obama promised us he would be our “Warrior for the middle-class.” He would restore us who seen the TOP 1% bring home a paycheck grown by 300% and ours by approximately one-third of that.

Obama: “I’m a warrior for the middle class”

                Published on Sep 22, 2011 by
Responding to claims his “Buffett rule” is class warfare, President Obama on Thursday said asking a billionaire to pay same tax rate as a teacher makes him “warrior for the middle class.”

After showing the American public just how out of touch and ugly their motivations, values and goals are, we, the public have not connected to their campaigns. Mitt Romney said, “I don’t care about the very poor,” and Rick, there’s no taking that back. Must I “go to the video tape? Newt, has championed and employed the residuum of racial hatred of days gone by in the South. Rick Santorum, unlike our great President, John F. Kennedy, has not said that as a catholic president, he would not be influenced or guided by the Catholic church. Some republican voters wish there were more time for others to throw their hat in the ring.  So, what have the GOP decided to do?  They now are concerned about the middle-class and the poor.  Their words are hollow. There is no passion. They have chosen the wrong path, because, “we have seen them without their clothes off!”

Here I would say God bless them, but…