“First Order Of The 2015 Right-Wing Majority Is The TPP. Beware!”



TRMS: Rachel Maddow – Mitt Romney’s Two Faces about China and Money

Where in the world is the ROMNEY FAMILY money?

Trickle-Down Theory Cartoon 8

Mitt Romney Proves Everything Is Relative 1

Mitt: Release the Tax Returns OR Seal Your Fate!

Stephanie Cutter: Mitt Romney’s Career of Shipping American Jobs All Over the World

‘Romney’s Tangled Web of Lies Comes Tumbling Down’

No one likes a pathological liar, especially one who accuses his opponent of
lying about the lying. The Romney’s campaign latest attack on Obama has been to
accuse the President of lying about Romney’s involvement in outsourcing jobs
while at Bain Capital. His defense has been to claim that the outsourcing
occurred after he left […]

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America Doesn’t Need an Outsourcing Pioneer in the Oval Office

CARTOON 3: “I like to fire people”.