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By Morgan Whitaker

Tea Party member John Wallmeyer watches results from the Virginia Governor's race at an election night gathering of supporters of Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli Nov. 5, 2013 in Richmond, Va.WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY

Tea Party member John Wallmeyer watches results from the Virginia Governor’s race at an election night gathering of supporters of Republican candidate Ken Cuccinelli Nov. 5, 2013 in Richmond, Va.WIN MCNAMEE/GETTY

A pair of polls show Americans are largely unhappy with both the GOP and the tea party wing of the party.

Tea party favorability has fallen to an all-time low according a Gallup poll released Wednesday, which found a slight majority (51%) of Americans have an unfavorable view of the tea party. The poll finds 30% of Americans feel positively about the tea party, down from a high of 39% in 2011. Republicans are most likely to support the movement, with 58% seeing it favorably, and unsurprisingly Democrats overwhelmingly dislike the tea party – 74% to 10%.

Moderates aren’t too keen on the movement either. While the split is not as stark as with Democrats, moderates are more likely than even the general public to say they don’t favor the tea party (54%) and only 23% say they do favor it.

It turns out moderates tend to prefer the Democratic Party to the Republican Party as well. A secondGallup poll released Wednesday finds Democrats maintain a 10-point lead over Republicans in terms of favorability with the American public. While moderates are currently evenly split on the Democratic Party, with 47% viewing it positively and another 47% viewing it negatively, only 27% of moderates have positive views of the Republican Party right now.


“With eye on 2014, GOP ramps up war on voting”


By Zachary Roth

Working ballot by ballot, county-by-county, the Republican Party is attempting to alter voting laws in the biggest and most important swing states in the country in hopes of carving out a sweeping electoral advantage for years to come.

Changes already on the books or in bills before state legislatures would make voting harder, create longer lines, and threaten to disenfranchise millions of voters from Ohio to Florida, Pennsylvania to Wisconsin, Georgia to Arizona and Texas.

Efforts underway include moving election days, ending early voting and forcing strict new voter ID laws. The results could significantly cut voter turnout in states where, historically, low participation has benefited Republicans.

In the 10 months since President Obama created a bipartisan panel to address voting difficulties, 90 restrictive voting bills have been introduced in 33 states. So far, nine have become law, according to a recent comprehensive roundup by the Brennan Center for Justice – but others are moving quickly through statehouses.

“We are continuing to see laws that appear to be aimed at making it more difficult to vote—for no good reason,” Daniel Tokaji, an election law expert at Ohio State University, said in an interview.



“Tell Harry Reid: It’s time to “go nuclear” on judicial nominations”


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Sen. Majority Leader Harry Reid
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Republicans are refusing to allow any of President Obama’s extremely well-qualified nominees for the D.C. Circuit court—the second most important court in the land—to get a vote.

In 2005, at a similar crisis point, senators from both parties agreed that they would only filibuster a judicial nominee under “extraordinary circumstances.” However, despite the fact that many of the Republicans who were central to that agreement are still in office, now they are ignoring it.

These same Republicans are refusing to allow a vote on anyone President Obama nominates for the court, and not because of “extraordinary circumstances.” Instead, they are pushing to eliminate the vacant seats on this court altogether because they don’t want anyone Obama nominates to serve.

Senate Republicans are not acting in good faith. Please sign our petition urging Senate Majority Leader Reid to exercise the nuclear option and end the filibuster on judicial nominees