A Poem for Our Warrior President as He Prepares for Imminent Battles 1

Preparing for Battle

Take me to throne room
where i will lay my head
before a king of eternity

fire in his eyes ablaze
bronze feet that shine
hair as white as snow

judge me before apostles                                                                                                                                                                                obama-praying
judge me before martyrs
judge me before prophets

know my heart in and out
test my heart unto the deep
deep calls to deep with in

my soul craves the waters
my heart cries for mercy
my mind bursting memory

guide me with your light
as i enter the shadowed night
prepared for the last fight

the war room is prepared
weapons not of this world
the throne graced in power

my king it is time for battle
with one word he arose
upon the cloud we went

Branden Aeling
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