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Got that awards-show hangover? Can’t remember who won the People’s Choice, Critics’ Choice, or Golden Globes, and it’s still two weeks until the Oscars? Here’s your splash-in-the-face cure: The Grammys.

Elvis Presley's Grammy Awards

Elvis Presley’s Grammy Awards (Photo credit: Jonathan D. Blundell)

Even before the bizarre “no side boob” memo from CBS, the Grammys were the one bright pre-Oscar light in the endless wintery deluge of awards shows. Sick of Anne Hathaway and Ben Affleck speeches and that same montage of scenes from “Lincoln”? We can promise you none of that will drift over into the Grammys. Instead, expect wild clothing choices (don’t think that memo’s going to hold anyone back), lively performances and almost inevitably, some off-screen or red-carpet or other event that overshadows the actual handing out of the awards.

Jennifer Lopez’s plunging dress from the 2000 show is so famous, it has its own Wikipedia page. The shirtless Soy Bomb guy weirded out Bob Dylan — no easy feat — in 1998.

Recent years have seen two disturbing events take place right before the awards and affect the show. In 2009, singer Rihanna canceled a planned Grammy appearance after her boyfriend, singer Chris Brown, beat her up during an argument in a car the night before the awards. And just last year, legendary singer Whitney Houston died in her bathtub at the Beverly Hilton Hotel the night before the Grammys, which hastily put together a tribute to the Grammy- and Emmy-winner.

Makes you look fondly on the awards of 2011, where the big news was that Lady Gaga arrived inside a giant egg.  FULL  ARTICLE


Whitney Houston – Going Up Younder – A Dedication 2

Whitney Houston’s Homegoing SATURDAY ON CNN AT 11am


Whitney Houston

“For complete coverage of Whitney Houston‘s death, tune in to CNN and HLN. On Saturday, CNN’s Piers Morgan, Soledad O’Brien and Don Lemon remember the music legend at 11 a.m. ET, and a special CNN Presents at 8 p.m. ET takes a look at her life and death.

(CNN) — Saturday’s funeral for legendary pop singer Whitney Houston is expected to be made available for television and web streaming from the New Jersey church where she grew up, Houston’s publicist said Wednesday.

The services, to be held at New Hope Baptist Church in Newark, will be in a much smaller, more intimate setting than the concert halls and arenas Houston packed during her heyday.

In every sense, she will be going home.” [CNN]