PRESIDENT OBAMA, in 2008 we invested in your big brain to come up with the answers to help us shake of the shackles of republican excesses in deficit spending [Witness Afghanistan.] To ward off less than moral and christian approaches to the problems of americans who make less than $1,000,000 a year. We have 32 days come up with a Hail Mary…to march into the halls of Congress with placards and chants and face our misguided(?) republican members of the Senate and House who have resorted to schoolyard politics: Insisting we play by their rules or they will take their ball and go home.  We need flash mobs to appear where these republicans hang out. Knock on the doors of the smoky rooms where they devise their PLANS WHICH BOLDLY FAVOR THE RICH 10% OF OUR ECONOMY AND CALLOUSLY DISREGARD THE PLIGHT OF THE UNEMPLOYED, THE POOR, THE ELDERLY AND THE MIDDLE-CLASS. The rich make their money on the backs of the working class and we deserve our fair share.  Mr. Obama lead us in a quickly improvised movement which makes it clear to all americans that it is THE REPUBLICAN PARTY which threatens to shut down the government or bring governing to a halt.  All republican members of the Senate are resolved that they will vote for no democratic bill until there is a vote to borrow $700,000,000,000 FROM CHINA TO PASS ON TO THEIR BASE AT THE RATE OF $10,000 PER PERSON… WITH THE LIE THAT IT WILL CREATE JOBS. Their cold hearts have allowed them to smile and deny unemployment benefits to millions of workers (voters?) who have no other source of aid. Who will know no Christmas in 2010.

Mr. President, you have Organizing for America which sends me lots of email. We need feet on the ground, we need chanting marchers in front of TV cameras to get our message across. Like they said in “The Godfather,” “This is a street thing!” We need everyday Joe’s and teachers and laborers to MARCH ON WASHINGTON, D.C. IN DAYS! You have the resources to make that happen. Our future is in the balance, sir.  Will you lead us?