Well, today a sad drama played out. Senate democrats failed to move 2 amendments to floor of the Senate for an up and down vote.  Even though it was clearly explained to republicans that 99.9 percent of americans needed their tax cut more than the millionaires and billionaires, Mitch McConnell stood in the well of the People’s House and insulted democrats for wasting his time. He spun a gossamer web of reality in which republican are the sole owners of the voice of the people. Who gave them that right? Did you?  Did your vote in November give them license or have your rights been abrogated?  This is just the first salvo in the struggle to come.  Will you play sheep to the republican shepherd? Will you silently follow McConnell/Boehner/Cantor in a selloff of America to those countries who lend us money? These countries will lend us the 700 billion dollars in tax cuts for the rich and accept our outsourcing and force huge trade imbalances upon us.

Republicans are counting on everyday americans to not get involved as usual! You have computers and the INTERNET. It is easy for you to express your opinions and demands to the media and to your senators and representatives…but will you tear yourself away from surfing porn sites to give a damn about your country? Use Google and Yahoo to find out who speaks for you in Washington. Email them. Fax them. Call them. IF YOU DO NOT, REPUBLICANS WILL CONTINUE TO ADVOCATE FOR MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES AND LET THE MIDDLE-CLASS AND THE POOR GO UNHEEDED. As a child you learned the old saying, “God helps those who help themselves.” It is time for you to roll up your sleeves and ADVOCATE FOR YOURSELF! GOD BLESS AMERICA!