For two years the media handled Barack Obama with some defference…for whatever reason. But now the gloves are off. It is now O.K. to come down hard in criticizing the President of the United States.  Each morning I get a healthy serving off this on “Morning Joe” on MSNBC.  This news/talk show is known for giving a mix of pro and con opinions on The Whitehouse and politics in general.  Sometimes they get an immediate reaction in the form of a phone call from said Whitehouse. Today they interviewed a senior advisor from The Whitehouse. I begin each day with this program and enjoy the sincere advice given to the President along with doses of criticism which has gotten broader and less restrained.  Honest bilateral critique of politics goes on all day on MSNBC with talking heads – pundits – from both parties.  This makes for animated discussion which is enlightening while it entertains.  Check it out.

Yesterday, we saw an angry and some say sarcastic President Obama on TV.  He had called a press conference to quell the angry talk in his party all over Washington. In sincere language and affect, President Obama explained why he made the compromise with republican leaders. I call it “The Great Compromise of 2010.”  After giving his pitch, the President took questions from reporters.  The whole affair showed us that a sleeping giant had been awoken. Obama let it be known that republicans will be very surprised to take him on in future. He is ready and able for the fight.

When I was in 5th or 6th grade I was being harassed by a bully during recess. One day I had enough. I picked up half a cement block and went after the bully who took to running.  It took a crowd to keep me from doing him harm.  I think that President Obama has had such an awakening. He has seen that he can and does have more than one persona.  He can be the learned professor AND the guy who gets down in the dirt and fights!  This epiphany makes Obama “a power to reckon with.”  Witness the giant in action!