Did you see the Leslie Stahl’s interview with John Boehner?  Full disclosure: I only saw the clips including the one where Leslie asks, “Does he always cry like this?”  Am I wrong or were those eyes bloodshot?

Well, today’s big vote is scheduled for 3:00pm. I am quite anxious.  Republicans have not changed their iron-fist obstruction: tax cuts for the wealthy 2% of the public. In the past few days I have heard it explained that the Obama/Republican  “framework” is really a great and needed stimulus plan.  That should be  a good thing right? All players have listened to the President, former President Clinton and Austan Goolsbee, Chief Economic Advisor to the President.  We are about to find out who was convinced;who is willing to fight for principle even though everyone’s taxes could go up next year. I doubt that the outcome will bring a tear to Rep. Boehner’s face. He is chomping at the bit to become Speaker and lead us down a scary, dark road. For his part, Senator Mitch McConnell is not heard from much. He seems to smile a lot (like he ate the canary). No tears from this guy!

Rep. Lee, Chairman, PCC

Let’s not forget the progressive caucus.  They have spoken loudest saying that they want more in the bill and the President should have included them in the discussions. They threaten to vote “No” to the measure which leads to increased taxes.  There is nothing in the package for us seniors.

I close with my opinion:  Sometimes to advance a greater good, you have to swallow a bitter pill.  God bless our Congress at this juncture.