REP. BOEHNER, shortly you will be 2nd in line in the presidential succession. Surely, in working your way from janitor to your lofty heights, you had to make compromises. [Full disclosure: I’ve been a janitor twice! No tears.] Mr. Webster defines COMPROMISE: “to adjust or settle by mutual concessions.” To get laws passed y’all engage in high stakes bartering, conceding left in right to get language in bills that will please constituents back home.  Mr. Boehner, you reject the word compromise preferring the phrase “reach common ground.” This is nothing but semantics and bless Leslie Stahl for having the balls to call you out on it on national TV!  Unless your plan is another two years of obstruction, you will have to make compromises or concessions to “reach common ground.”  You insult your own intelligence in playing word games. It is not worthy of you.

You are fond of speaking for the american people and you feel they put you in the high office you’ve reached. But, no. God has elevated you to his good business…the welfare, security and prosperity of the United States of America! I call on the country to pray for you to have a gentle heart and a wise brain. God bless us all!