Tweet to Joe Scarborough, “MorningJoe” on MSNBC

Co-Host, Joe Scarborough
JOE SCARBOROUGH, you are fond of saying that Democrats “control Congress.”  They may do so administratively, but, democrats in the Senate have been held hostage by your party, REPUBLICANS, through the use of the vile and notorious FILIBUSTER! You are a fair man and I enjoy watching you each day. But, call a spade a spade. Republicans have broken The Senate.  Did you watch “Rachel Maddow” last night.  It was shown in dramatic fashion how REPUBLICANS are delaying the people’s business and in some cases subverting the will of the people.  This lame duck session in Congress is a pity: a mad rush to get something done with “the devil we know.” [God bless us beginning January 5, 2011.]  The House of Representatives functions and has sent over 400 bills to The Senate which you REPUBLICANS refuse to consider. Please use any leverage you have with REPUBLICANS to change Senate rules on the first day of the new Congress to get rid of or limit the filibuster.  REPUBLICANS have used it 85 times. This, IMHO, is a miscarriage of justice.  How can they feel they are doing the moral thing?  How can they relate this evil back to the November election?  The people voted for an end to such obstruction. Mitch McConnell should be ashamed for using these tactics.  Michelle Bachmann should take a look at him. [She thinks she can teach Constitutional law to y’all.]  So, Joe, let us know how you feel about the use of the filibuster by your party. God, bless America!