“I will repeal DADT before I leave office!”

President Obama, you promised the GLBT community, gay members of the military and the whole country that as President, you would repeal “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell.”  Well, all that’s left is for you to sign the bill into law.  “Thanks” seems so inadequate.


With this simple act you will change history and change the lives of thousands  of talented and able young American patriots who just want to serve their country.  Now, let’s re-hire the 14,000 men and women who were unfairly separated from the military just for being gay. 14,000!  That’s a lot of careers that could have been ruined.  Let’s call this an interruption in justice. They deserve to get their careers back. Please make that your mission.

I missed it, but, Rachel Maddow was on TV and she said we should thank you. Thank you, Rachel.

Well, Mr. President, “Change We Can Believe In” has been very hard to accomplish. We had faith when we chanted, “Yes, We Can! Yes, We Can!” Everyone sees now that that faith was justified. A string of successes have been realized: TARP, Stimulus, Bailouts, that car thing, financial reform, Fanny, Freddie et als. You are a modest President who waits for others to toot your horn. Truth be told you have been one of our most innovative and successful Presidents! I, we, thank you!

Mr. President, OFA is a great organization. But, we need it to have the passion and news coverage that the tea-party enjoyed. The press of their zeal has elected their own class of freshmen members of Congress. In our own style let’s play “monkey see, monkey do.” In this world of growing media we must make the Democratic Party as visible and relevant as we can.  Let’s have a big conclave in 2012  in DC to keep the young people who love you, fired up! Let’s get even more votes than we did in 2008!