A secret-senator reveals that the US Senate is broken.  It is absurd how “the world’s most deliberative body” does almost nothing and has rules which perpetuate doing nothing. One pundit said today that the Senate did more work in the “lame-duck session” than the whole year! AND WE PAY THEM FOR A WHOLE YEAR’S WORK! This blog has been calling for all americans to get involved by calling their US Senator and asking them to abolish or improve the vile filibuster and secret holds. I just received an email from a cool website which looks promising in the fight to fix the US Senate. But, we must be careful that we don’t shoot ourselves in the foot. Thank God, Harry Reid will still be running things in the Senate in the 112th Congress.  Bless him with a way to get more work done in 2011 and 2012.  We must be careful.  If we get rid of the filibuster now, we might regret it if there is a power switch in the Senate come election day. Perhaps there is a way to limit it’s use and effect.  One thing for sure, a gentleman, especially a southern gentleman, should find it cowardly to use secret holds to stop bills and presidential nominations.  Man-up, Senators and face your public! So, if you have not made your phone call, consider emailing your Senator. Use the “US SENATOR” link above to find the email form where you can write to them. God will bless your patriotism.