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China Rips Off “Top Gun”

China Splices Scenes from American Movie, “Top Gun,” into It’s Newscast

Recently China showed off the prototype of it’s  stealth bomber when Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates visited.

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Happy Birthday, Chris!

Chris Jansing
Born January 30, 1957

Egypt: Thoughts on Humanity

Humanity (Poem)

has the humanity gone
Or every one became looking for
his own
And does not looking for what is going on
Tell me tell where it
is now and I will run
Cause I know in it is land will be the fun
And I
will feel and see the real sun
Now tell me please where it is my son
help it before to be something and done
We lived with the humanity with
We were use our hearts and now they use the gun
Running after
the needs and forgot the human
We knew the evil and how to shun
And now
they use the evil with anyone
The humanity is in a place, waiting alone
But none thinks to go there.. None
So let us find this place together my
Earam Dio

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We relect on the needs and aspirations of the people of the Middle East.

Tea Party’s Great White Hope: Michele Bachmann:0

Old School Southern Justice

After the State of the Union address by the President of the United States, self-appointed Tea Party spokeswoman and probable candidate for the Presidency, Rep. Michele Bachmann of Minnesota gave her unofficial response. Shocking was the inclusion of Ms. Bachmann’s recitation of the history of slavery in the US. Where did this woman learn her “facts?”  According to Ms. Bachmann, the Founding Fathers eradicated the “scourge of slavery” from our shores.  This would have been in the 18th Century by her history.  Every schoolboy knows that some of the Founding Fathers owned slaves and cohabited with them producing illegitimate heirs. George Washington did not free his slaves until after his death.  In fact, slavery in the US was ended by President Abraham Lincoln near the conclusion of the Civil War in the 19th Century. An extremely ugly chapter in our history followed which included “Jim Crowism,” many hangings of black people (ex-slaves), segregation and finally integration in the 20th Century!  Somehow this true history was not taught in the school where Rep. Bachmann received her instruction. Ms. Bachman’s Bio says she went to Anoka High School in Anoka, MN.

Rep. Bachmann has offended every afro-american in the United States with her ludicrous rendition of the suffering of black people throughout our history. Her callous lack of regard for this sensitive subject is immeasurable.  No mere apology will suffice!  Rep. Bach gave her “herstory” of slavery during a speaking engagement in Iowa where Presidential candidates go to test the water.  I am sure the good people of Iowa were shocked and alarmed that such an unworthy politician could have risen to her level of the Tea Party and actually be a well-known republican member of the US House of Representatives.  Ms. Bachmann, you have embarrassed yourself royally! Please return to that dark night of your obscurity and be heard of no more.  You cannot recover from offending millions of potential voters in this way.  Bye bye!

Slave Owners Brand Their Slaves Like Cattle

Happy Birthday, Keith! and Ed!

Keith Olbermann
Born January 27, 1959



Ed Schultz
Born January 27, 1954


Obama a Success!

|SOTU|”LET’S FIX WHAT NEEDS FIXING AND MOVE FORWARD!” President Obama gave an excellent address which gave one hope and was filled with many new ideas.  He wisely did not include remarks about gun control. He did say he would not support cuts in Social Security and Medicare. He said much about infrastructure. There was much applause when he urged us to become teachers.The President mentioned his support of DADT and urged colleges to participate in ROTC and move beyond battles of the past. The President called for a five-year spending cut freeze. Support for the DREAM Act was mentioned. I won’t try to give  complete coverage of the speech but suffice it to say the SOTU was warmly received by both sides of the aisle.

The republican response to the SOTU was “dark” and CNN elevated Michele Bachmann, member of one teaparty group, to spokesman of the whole movement. Yes, there were two (2) republican responses to the SOTU.  There were others.

Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!: The State of the Union

Tonight at 6:00pm, coverage begins on “THE STATE OF THE UNION,” an address by President Obama to the full Congress and the people. SOTU AT 9:00PM ET

Barack Obama Offers Change We Can Believe In

President Obama will give us his assessment of the health and future of the country as he sees and plans it.  Would that the losses in the mid-term election were a dim memory.  Will the flame of change be rekindled?  Will we be reminded of why we chose this President?  Will President Obama take us on an auspicious journey into our future with him at the helm?  It will be a great speech, of course, but will it offer propitious hope for the changes in our lives…Ones that democrats have been stymied from making for decades?  Will there been revisions to current initiatives?  Will there be even newer changes to make come true?
One thing for sure, God will bless this State of the Union and the humble man who delivers it.  Many prayers will have been said for his success.  The headlines of the morrow will be his. God bless Barack Obama!



Mission Impossible: Demorats Flanking Mitch McConnell 🙂

FOX NEWS – YouTube – The Big Lie

Adolf Hitler, Evil and Master of “The Big Lie”



  1. Wikipedia quotes The Fuehrer: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”.  My sociology teacher, Miss Ross taught me “The Big Lie.”  She said, “If you tell an outrageous lie over and over and over…people will begin to believe it.”  This is what happened in Germany.  Hitler and his regime falsely blamed the Jews for Germany’s economy woes.  They told that lie over and over until there were concentration camps and extermination. While browsing on YouTube this supporter of Keith Olbermann found the following videos on FoxNews which might have escaped your attention. I found them shocking!
  2. Some people get their news from balanced sources. Some watch Fox.
    I wonder if the viewers of Fox News know the difference.
  3. The President has called for a season of civility in politics. I am not in politics but apologize for presenting a sensitive subject.