How Many of the 14,000 Discharged Gay Military Will Return?


Imagine: 14,000 gay men and women wanted to serve in the military, they made the courageous decision to lie about their sexual orientation to be able to serve the Nation.  These particular gays and lesbians were found out or outed and were subsequently discharged from service.  In a few months we all hope to have the Repeal of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” fully implemented.  Then, President Obama encourages them to reenlist. I hope that there lives and psyches were not so destroyed that they cannot return to their noble service.  No doubt there is anger, embarressment and thoughts of failure.  But, those feelings are transitory.

GoodOleWoody as a Military Policman in college

That special feeling one gets when wearing the uniform is a lure too hard to resist. [I was in Army ROTC.]  We will see the services grow by 14,000 men and women!

That growth may require some work for those who’ve been inactive.

Well, most of the heros of the DADT movement are unsung.  We all know Dan Choi who is in the photo below protesting “DADT.”  We will see who steps forward to lead the 14,000 back to the service. Some may need support including financial. Hopefully, fairminded Americans will step up. GOD BLESS THE USA!

Ex-LT. Dan Choi Protests with Other in Front of the White House