Second Admendment Rights

President Obama will lead the nation in a moment of prayerful silence at 11:00am, today to honor those injured and killed in the Tucson Massacre days ago.

The nation is very concerned about and is praying for Rep. Gabrielle Giffords who was gunned down by legal gun owner.  I recall how much Sarah Palin is into guns.
It is odd that days after the shooting, Palin, a media darling, has yet to come before what she dubbed “the lame stream media” and make a statement denouncing the attack on Congressman Giffords and a call for Congress to look at gun sales and regulation in the nation.

The November election was months ago, but, everyone remembers that curious and ominous statement by candidate, Sharon Angle of Nevada.  She stated that when Americans are dissatisfied with their legislature, they should consider “their Second Amendment rights.”

We have to include the de facto leader of the Republican Party. Glenn Beck and Chuck Norris laugh it up discussing guns and The Second Amendment.

Are you familiar with the Second Amendment to The Constitution?