Speaker Boehner Begins His Reign

Newly elected US Speaker of House John Boehner


Newly elected US Speaker of the House John Boehner is pictured during the opening session of the 112th Congress in Washington, DC. A day after retaking the House of Representatives, US Republicans moved Thursday to make good on a campaign vow to slash spending with a mostly symbolic vote to cut lawmakers’ office budgets.(AFP/Tim Sloan)
I was really impressed when Speaker Boehner included humility, openness and “giving the House back to the American people.” I was turned off by the pure theatre of having The Constitution read out loud in open session.  What was the purpose?  If it was not to educate, then it was a stunt, theatre.
Boehner says their goal is to give the government back to the people and provide honesty and accountability.
He says with nearly one of 10 Americans looking for work and debt threatening to eclipse the economy, Congress faces tough decisions.
Boehner says “a great deal of scar tissue” has built up on both sides of the aisle and cannot be ignored, but both Republicans and Democrats believe they are working for the common good.
The Speaker managed to get an interesting package of rules approved for the New regime. But immediately violated the rules by not allowing debate and amendments on the infamous bill to repeal “Obamacare” on January 12, 2011. What other exceptions to the rules will follow?  Time will tell.
There’s talk about The Constitution, guns and tyranny. Let’s look at the definition of TYRANNY. I don’t think we haven’t had a tyranny since at least 2 years ago. (Remember torture?) ================================================================================

Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI), Chairman, House Budget Committee
Also, the Speaker has given the Chairman of the Budget Committee alarming latitude in running his show and making budget limits.

In an unusual grab of budgetary power, the incoming chairman of the House Budget Committee will be able to unilaterally set limits for categories of domestic spending until a budget resolution is passed this spring, as a budget enforcement measure. [NY Times]
Let’s hope that the republicans are not birthing a new despot who talks a good game and then runs roughshod over The House ignoring the agreed upon rules.  The minority party has been silent and impotent. It will be interesting to see Minority Leader Pelosi, Assistant Minority Leader, Clyburn and Whip Hoyer battle to make democratic voices heard in the 112th Congress.  Please keep them in your prayers. God bless The US Congress and God bless the American people!