Republicans Out of Ideas..Offer Repeal Only?

"Dog and Pony Show"
Full Disclosure: I did not watch C-Span yesterday, but, I watched MSNBC all day.  I learned that the republicans are putting on a dog and pony show to go through the motions of keeping a campaign promise to the Tea Party.  Who do they think they are fooling?  Republicans want to repeal the most significant legislation won by the administration just because it helps President Obama in 2012.  The American people are comforted by having their children up to 26 years of age on their insurance plans.  Americans like having the federal government prevent rich insurance companies from discriminating against pre-existing conditions.  The republicans will probably vote today to take away all that we have gained in healthcare reform, a/k/a “Obamacare.”  elsewhere on this site you have read:
8 January 2011 by goodolewoody on GoodOleWoody’s Blog
…  that repealing “Obamacare” would add to the Deficit. He says, “That’s their opinion.” Opinion? The CBO is …  OBAMACARE: REDUCES DEFICIT BY $143 BILLION OVER 9 YEARS REPEALING OBAMACARE:ADDS $1.3 TRILLION TO DEFICIT OVER 20 YEARS (Source: Dylan Ratigan …)
Who would benefit from repeal of healthcare reform? THE RICH INSURANCE COMPANIES who fund the Republican Party. You will recall that the US Supreme Court has unleashed the flood waters of money to republicans without limit, it seems. [Case: Citizens United] Democrats fund their campaigns that champion the common man with gifts of $5 here and $25 there.  The power concentrated in this country is anti-middle-class and more.
I wonder how much how much the republicans are spending on this “debate” and vote?  It’s pure waste because this bill will never see the light of day in the US Senate like the 400 bills we sent from The House to The Senate during the last congress.  Note: President Obama would be the final check on this folly.  Beginning Thursday Speaker Boehner should begin working on the economy and jobs which are the most pressing issues today.
Does your senator and representative know your opinions on today’s issues?  If not, go to this website.