Eric Cantor, “Why Did He Become a Congressman?”

GOP Leader, Eric Cantor, has a constituent, “J.M.”, who wonders why he became a congressman.  She said as much on the @EDSHOW yesterday. Eric Cantor’s bio shows a lot of highfalutin political accomplishments, but, no service to the people, the common man, the poor.  No wonder at an early age he chose an intern job with a republican.  From there he quickly scaled the political ladder to success as GOP Leader.  With his matinée idol looks perhaps Eric should have pursued a career in Hollywood where his callous attitude would not hurt good people who look to government to help solve their problems…problems that an individual cannot solve…the kind of problems of the oppressed that are the mission of the Democratic Party.

As the republican two-day stunt ended, Rep. Cantor made a sad appeal to Senate Majority Leader to let the bill receive consideration.  Senator Harry Reid has made it plainly clear that this repeal of the President’s signature accomplishment will go that graveyard where over 400 bills from the House went in the last Congress. Yes, 400 bills! WHERE WAS ERIC CANTOR’S VOICE THEN? Republicans in the Senate used their power to effectively kill hundreds of hours of good work for the people: a waste!  This was a shocking example of just how connected Eric Cantor is to his district, IMHO. NOTE: On Nov. 2, 2010, Cantor told Wolf Blitzer of CNN that he would try to trim the federal deficit by reducing welfare. This is textbook republican outlook on the future of poor people in America and government’s role in serving humanity.

Do your district leaders in Congress know how you feel on issues of the day?  It is easy to write them.