Oh, For a Gentler NRA


No one wants to touch your guns, but, as the Tucson Massacre has taught us:  We do not need a pistol magazine clip that holds 30 bullets.
May We Count on You?
Will you work with Congress to outlaw these “high-capacity” magazines?
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY)
Rep. Carolyn McCarthy has dedicated her service in Congress to reducing high-capacity magazines.  She just introduced a bill to ban them. Colin Ferguson used one of these magazines when he murdered the Congressman’s husband and injured her son.
Ed Schultz, Radio Host and Host of "The Ed Show" on MSNBC
Ed Schultz of the “Edshow” on MSNBC has come out supporting the Congressman’s ban saying that he is the owner of several guns and is an avid hunter.  He can see sportsmen don’t need high-capacity magazines to enjoy hunting and recreation.
Any legislation that abridges gun rights, control or ownership has no chance of becoming law without cooperation from the NRA. That’s just a fact!  We need grassroots gun owners to come out and back this proposal.  Write to your US Senator or US Representative to give your support to ban high-capacity magazines. SUPPORT THE BAN ON HIGH- CAPACITY MAGAZINES introduced by Rep. Carolyn McCarthy.
No Stinkin' 31 Bullets Needed to Bring This Deer Down!