Afghanistan: “Bring the Boys Home”

Mr. President, President Bush, “W”, left you two poorly managed wars.  He went on to write a memoir and he thinks history will be kind to him. 😦  It is admirable that you want to end Bush’s wars with conventional victories. You brought the troops out of Iraq and left a group of trainers.  Now Iraq has a functioning government and they have asked us to leave their country. Iraq had a history of being a modern day country, unlike Afghanistan which is a collection of waring tribes who live in another century.  For years we have been helping them with nation building which we deny officially.  It was the height of arrogance that President Bush thought we could do what Alexander, the Great, could not do,         et als. It is time. The generals have had enough of waring…and our boys need a rest after so many tours of duty. Sir, bring them home.  You just sent 1400 marines over.  The ratio of our numbers versus their numbers is hard to fathom.  After all these years in Afghanistan how many safe, fully functing cities have we created? How are we doing winning “the hearts and minds of the AFghans? The American people see no virtue in our continuing this war.  We just cannot solve all the problems of the world even though we are an “exceptional nation.” Bring the boys home.  Order General Patraeus to come up with an exit strategy that we can accomplish this year. Yes, this year.  We thought we had a loyal and credible partner in President Karzai, but, recent events show the contrary. If Karzai is ever to govern, let him begin now!

It was so satisfying to watch our troops on TV as they withdrew from Iraq without incident.  We left and “the world didn’t come to an end.”  Let’s leave Afghanistan! Of course that means we will need even more jobs for those men and women when their service ends. 😦  But, we must do what Freda Payne sings, “Bring the Boys Home.”