FOX NEWS – YouTube – The Big Lie

Adolf Hitler, Evil and Master of “The Big Lie”



  1. Wikipedia quotes The Fuehrer: “The great masses will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one”.  My sociology teacher, Miss Ross taught me “The Big Lie.”  She said, “If you tell an outrageous lie over and over and over…people will begin to believe it.”  This is what happened in Germany.  Hitler and his regime falsely blamed the Jews for Germany’s economy woes.  They told that lie over and over until there were concentration camps and extermination. While browsing on YouTube this supporter of Keith Olbermann found the following videos on FoxNews which might have escaped your attention. I found them shocking!
  2. Some people get their news from balanced sources. Some watch Fox.
    I wonder if the viewers of Fox News know the difference.
  3. The President has called for a season of civility in politics. I am not in politics but apologize for presenting a sensitive subject.