Hear Ye!, Hear Ye!: The State of the Union

Tonight at 6:00pm, coverage begins on “THE STATE OF THE UNION,” an address by President Obama to the full Congress and the people. SOTU AT 9:00PM ET

Barack Obama Offers Change We Can Believe In

President Obama will give us his assessment of the health and future of the country as he sees and plans it.  Would that the losses in the mid-term election were a dim memory.  Will the flame of change be rekindled?  Will we be reminded of why we chose this President?  Will President Obama take us on an auspicious journey into our future with him at the helm?  It will be a great speech, of course, but will it offer propitious hope for the changes in our lives…Ones that democrats have been stymied from making for decades?  Will there been revisions to current initiatives?  Will there be even newer changes to make come true?
One thing for sure, God will bless this State of the Union and the humble man who delivers it.  Many prayers will have been said for his success.  The headlines of the morrow will be his. God bless Barack Obama!