Obama a Success!

|SOTU|”LET’S FIX WHAT NEEDS FIXING AND MOVE FORWARD!” President Obama gave an excellent address which gave one hope and was filled with many new ideas.  He wisely did not include remarks about gun control. He did say he would not support cuts in Social Security and Medicare. He said much about infrastructure. There was much applause when he urged us to become teachers.The President mentioned his support of DADT and urged colleges to participate in ROTC and move beyond battles of the past. The President called for a five-year spending cut freeze. Support for the DREAM Act was mentioned. I won’t try to give  complete coverage of the speech but suffice it to say the SOTU was warmly received by both sides of the aisle.

The republican response to the SOTU was “dark” and CNN elevated Michele Bachmann, member of one teaparty group, to spokesman of the whole movement. Yes, there were two (2) republican responses to the SOTU.  There were others.