America, Where Did You Go Wrong? 1

In school we studied our history: How the country began. How the “Founding Fathers” took rebellious colonies and formed the greatest democracy the world has ever known.  As the decades flew by, we grew in riches, achievements and statue in the world.  A very important part of that history is our developing into a Super Power. [We’re the only one left.]  When war broke out in Europe leading to World War I, we were eventually called in to win a triumph for the forces of good.  That war was not conclusive and later we had to join World War II, the War to End All Wars, to vanquish raw evil.  We proved our supremacy by inventing and deploying the atom bomb to conclude a war in which America felt it was their responsibility to save our european allies…with finality!  While our star is not as bright today, we remain the world’s sole country with the resources to defend democratic ideals globally.

Of course, all of our history has not been pretty.  We’ve had robber barons, monopolies, the bashing of attempts to organize workers, political  corruption and the quiet amassing of money and power by the upper class and corporations. Recently  that political power was enhanced by the US Supreme Court. Today corporations have been made “people” with political power that humans enjoy.  Unlike us, these corporations enjoy more power than any mere human could contemplate.   The growth of the upper class has been at the expense of the poor and the middle class.  There was a pall on Christmas last year caused by our President having to give a massive, unjust and un-needed tax cut for the rich in exchange for the extension of unemployment benefits for the middle class and the working poor. Yes, things are very bad for the middle class.  In the November election only three of the ten largest contributors to political campaigns were advocating for the people: The poor and the middle class. How can we survive with these odds?  We have no jobs.  Corporations have sent thousands of American jobs overseas to maximize profits.  They sit on a trillion dollars of capital instead of developing domestic commerce.  The gulf between the have’s and have-nots have never been wider.  I ask myself, “Where are we headed?”  The Roman Empire only lasted 500 years. Are our days numbered?  We need an issue, a cause or a charismatic leader to galvanize America and turn us away from the greed of the upper class and corporations and make this country a land for the prosperity of all the people. Basic American ideals and rights must be reclaimed.  We must believe that hope lives.  If not, why bring children into the world?