Let’s Take America Back!

These days you hear everyone and their brother saying, “I want my country back.”  I suppose this concept means different things to each of us. I look at our country and see people suffering with inequality and inequity in opportunity and voice in our political system.  I write to my republican legislators and sometimes get a courteous rejection.  I don’t get to see the traffic in and out of their offices by lobbyists.  Why do we pay farmers NOT to grow food?  Why do we give subsidies to oil companies who rack in huge profits with little in the way of expenses?  Why does our government do nothing about officials who engage in illegal activities like torture and contravention of the Geneva Convention? Why does Congress only talk about campaign reform while they take fistfuls of cash from every interest group that works to maintain the status quo?

Bound for The Hill

How does K Street work, anyway?  Do they wheel the money into congressional offices in wheelbarrows? Lobbyists are vipers at the breast.  They work in government to establish contacts and a reputation.  Then they “lobby” Congress, even writing laws for our representatives.  In this blog I have encouraged you to write to your legislators in Congress. But, what do they do with our letters and phone calls?  How much impact does discussion in town halls back home make when it comes time for a vote? I want my country back. Back from those who wield more power at the seat of government than the people!  To take America back need new leaders who will stand for reforming “the system,” even it means they will not be re-elected.  There’s honor in serving one term and leaving one’s mark on government reform. Yes, I know that would make for a short career.  Who will take one for the team?

One thought on “Let’s Take America Back!

  1. Why should we have to keep changing America to accomidate people from other countries. We should be America first and not change our ways just so that people from other countries will feel like this is their country. Before there were people that wanted to come to America because it was such a great country but through the years our country has changed to accomidate others beliefs and have put ours at the bottom of the list. Our forefathers fought so that we would not be a communistic country and they would roll over in their grave if they could see America now. Becomming a true citizen should be someone that has earned it by being able to know all about the history of our country and can actually speak our language. We as Americans have set back to long and have given into just any ol thing that is passed as a new law or a new way to do things in OUR country. Ler’s take OUR AMERICA back.

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