‘Got Children?’ Why Risk Nuclear Meltdown at Home?

Parents, have you been following the nuclear disaster in Japan?  Those old workhorse power plants are/were 30 years old!  We have some just like them here in America.  Do you have children?  If they had a political voice they would demand that Congress hold hearings on the safety and preparedness for disaster in our many nuclear electric power plants.  You must speak for them. Write your US Senator and US Representative and demand hearings on this vital issue.  You know how slow they are to act. PUSH THEIR BUTTONS!

Also, do you live near a nuclear power plant?  Prepared for a disaster? Do you have water, food and over-the-counter medication stockpiled for emergencies?  Does your town have a mass evacuation plan?  Do you know what to do? New York City is 50 miles from a nuclear power plant. I shudder to think about the calamity that would ensue if Mayor Bloomberg ever had to evacuate that city!