Mrs. Palin Goes Rogue in India

Although her poll numbers are dismal, Sarah Palin just gave a speech in India on American politics.  While doing so, she mentioned the cardinal rule of not criticizing the President while he is on foreign soil and, then, proceeded to accuse President Obama of “dithering.”  Is she serious about politics or about keeping herself in the spotlight?

I heard a popular talk show host opine that Mrs. Palin has yet to do her homework and study history, government, politics and foreign policy to become more legitimate as a presidential candidate.  As it is, she is still in the public consciousness as the infamous victim of Katie Couric who outed Mrs. Palin as one who does not read leading periodicals, etc. Books?  The American people hold Mrs. Palin in such low regard that in a recent poll Charlie Sheen beat her badly.  For awhile it seemed that President Obama would run without republican opposition. GOP candidates are slowly beginning  to “explore” running for the 2012 Election.  We look forward to getting to know them.