Media, Thanks for Ignoring Bachmann…this time!

Michele Bachman (R-MN) is notorious for her claim that many in Congress are anti-American.  What a curious statement.  If one hates and “detests America,” why would one go through unnerving process of raising millions of campaign dollars, eating hundreds of chicken dinners and kissing many crying babies…all to get a government job?  So many Americans have jobs they hate without such elaborate measures. But, Ms. Bachmann feels that the media should do an expose on Congress and expose the anti-American legislators. Yeah, like Joe McCarthy’s witch-hunt!  When interviewed at the time, Ms. Bachmann groups liberals and leftists in an implication of being anti-American.  Pressed for a categorical denunciation, Ms. Bachmann launched into her usual diatribe. Watch! [Fortunate for us, the media has engaged in no such witch-hunt.]