Blood Brothers (As It Were) in Libya

Blood Brothers, As It Were, in Libya


Much is being said about President Obama’s decision to intervene in the civil war in Libya.  One can sympathize with his predicament: Col. Gaddafi declared he would commit mass murder when he took the last town held by the rebels opposing him.  How could idealist and Christian America let that happen?  These people want to remove from power a man hated by many in this country.  Gaddafi is responsible for the Pan Am bombing and welcomed the bomber as a hero when he was released in exchange for an oil contract, I believe. Gaddafi spilled American blood and that makes him our enemy.  We share the rebels’ passion for removing this despot from power and perhaps harming him.  We are blood brothers.

I hope President Obama’s plan for Libya is more complex than he has outlined.  He has 60 days before he owes an explanation to Congress.  In the meantime there are reports that lead one to believe the rebels are unprepared for this civil war and need more help than a No-Fly Zone.  From where will this help come?  Secretary Clinton has been silent since her meeting with the Allies in Paris.  She has said that she has been in contact with rebel leaders.  These rebels need advisers at a minimum…and military hardware.  And, if they make it to Tripoli and kill Gaddafi, what then?  We have heard no one mention the “D” word (democracy) in the glimpses of the rebels on TV.  If they are very unprepared for this civil war, what hope is there for their being able to govern?

Note: Secretary Clinton has appeared on TV since this blog entry was written.  She appeared on “Meet the Press” with Secretary Gates yesterday.

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