Old School Valkyrie


Sarah, Orly, Laura, Michele and Ann

These ladies reminded me of Odin’s Valkyries, maidens who choose warriors to die on the battlefield and then take them to Valhalla.  These ladies are different in several ways but all very smart and notorious.  They have a certain look. I think they like steak tartare!

We all know of the political rise and fall of ex-Gov. Sarah Palin.  Weeks ago she attempted to hitch her star to the wagon of Donald Trump who misplaced his star with the birther movement. President Obama recently cut off the head of that snake. Pictured second above is Orly Taitz, dentist and  super “birther” who should now be silenced with the release of the document upon which the movement is founded. “Doctor Laura” Schlesinger is well-known for her career as a radio talk show host. She has pissed off a lot of people.  She recently “retired” from the radio. (Will it last?) You probably have a friend who lives in an “alternate reality”. Well in Michele Bachmann’s reality, she’s a birther who says ‘screw the facts.  Who cares about accurate facts?’ How can a special beauty like Ann Coulter be so cutting and a complete turnoff?  She enjoys destroying people with her talents. The bolt of cloth from which these ladies were cut…has been destroyed. 🙂

Speaker Boehner, Puppet of the Rich

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