And All the Kings's Horses...

For decades now, we have watched a broken Congress which will do almost anything to get and keep big donors of dollars. And, having been bought, do little in the way of legislating to make the country safer and the people more healthy, prosperous and happy. The people call for campaign finance reform. Congress refuses to act.  The people call for bringing home our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan. Congress refuses to act.  The people call for making Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid financially safe and a legislated promise that we can depend on without end.  Congress refuses to act. Squabbles and brinksmanship abound. Political blackmail ends in gridlock which has been with us almost half a century. We keep electing men and women to represent us in Congress only to see them join the Washington DC Club (many of whom are millionaires) who perpetuate an immoral charade of governing in earnest. I can’t say it’s corruption, but, it is an ineffectual deceit. Democrats or republican…they play a game of three-card monte to keep us distracted from seeing that nothing is being done in the name of progress. Congress only acts when there’s a crisis like last Christmas and now like the looming crisis on the debt ceiling/budget crisis. It is accompanied with a full chorus of threats to shut down the government and other forms of blackmail.  Will the democrats win or the republican win?  Can either give us an America that has enhanced prominence in the 21st Century?  Being a US Senator or US Representative is being given immense power that should be regarded as a holy trust from the American people and not a ticket to DC where one can participate in the confluence of political power.  Those we elect should hope for epitaphs or tombstones that read “JOB WELL DONE!”

John Boehner is Speaker of the House of Representatives. He is supposed to run things there, but, we hear reports that the Tea Party caucus is trying to make him kowtow to their demands. Harry Reid is Majority Leader of the Senate.  He doesn’t get on TV much and the talking heads on TV don’t spend much time on his comings and goings. He must be very busy. GO HARRY! Eric Cantor is GOP Leader in the House. Eric leads with one eye on Boehner and the other eye on the tea party freshman class. He is trying to be ready for elevation to the Speaker’s chair.  Mitch McConnell is Minority Leader in the Senate.  Look up negative in the dictionary and you’ll find Mitch’s picture. It is extremely rare to find this senator smiling and showing a warm and engaging personality. Nancy Pelosi is Minority Leader in the House.  She’s mighty silent these days. Go, Nancy!

Well, thanks for reading today’s rant!  Do what you can to make our country the world leader it could be.  If you can, please donate $1 to support this blog.

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