Mr. President, pls Freeze Gay Discharges in Military

May 14, 2011

It has been 143 days since President Obama signed the law repealing the military’s “Don’t Ask/Don’t Tell Policy.” Men and women are still being legally harassed and discharged from our military.  As I write this, gay enlisted are dying for the USA.  I just came across this video tribute for Cpl. Andrew Wilfahrt, a gay soldier who was killed while serving in Afghanistan.

President Obama, please use your EXECUTIVE POWER AND AS COMMANDER-IN-CHIEF to put a freeze on the discharge process across the services!  It was announced on Wednesday that all the training required by the law will be finished by end of August.  So, we are talking about a few months. Many lives are being harmed and delayed.  This would be a great humanitarian gesture that I feel is in your power.  It’s spring, a time of regeneration.  Please restart these lives. Thank you!

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