Row, Row the GOP Boat

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Are our leaders out of ideas?  Recent trial balloons show that the American people are not happy with our government.  Our time has been wasted with conspiracies about a birth certificate and we see potential candidates try to distract us from their racist backgrounds.  The President killed our NUMBER ONE ENEMY, but, he has yet to produce solutions to our problems.  He is in the best position to get things done but is assailed by Republicans on all fronts. [Can no one fix our broken Congress?]

Speaker Bohner, GOP Leader Cantor and Minority Leader McConnell refuse to compromise with the President.  They want to take his rule over the country away from him.  They have a certain agenda and they want to use stubbornness to impose their agenda on us.  Each day we feel powerless to get our leaders to respond to us and to see the big picture which is the American future.  There is a lot of power in Washington to go around. LEADERS, IT IS TIME TO STOP THE DISTRACTIONS AND PROVIDE SOLUTIONS. IT’S TIME THROW PARTISANSHIP OUT THE WINDOW!  God bless America!

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